Thursday, 27 October 2005

nice cup of tea in Plumstead

I've lived in this area for about 4 years now and had discovered the café at the top of Shooter's Hill almost on day one, and a jolly good spot it is too. It's particularly good if you like dogs. Not that they serve tea to dogs (that I know of), but dog walkers seem to congregate there on a Sunday morning. You can have a hearty fry-up (or other foodstuffs which your heart will thank you for), and a mug of tea whilst taking in the view Sidcup. Can life get better than this?

Yes it can. It could stay open a little longer. This place has the location but the interior decor of a greasy spoon.

Having walked everywhere in Hong Kong, I thought I'd go for a walk locally. I'll cut out the mundane part.... I ended up in Charlton House. Nice building, nice cup of tea and a delicious scone with a patty of butter and mini jam; not in Cornwall, so no clotted cream. However, could do with a range of pastries.

Maybe Bettys of Yorkshire could run a nice tea shop at the pub formerly known as The Ship on Plumstead Common. Now could life get better than THAT?

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Amagrace said...

Betty's of Yorkshire is a fab idea. It is about time we in this SE corner of London had a decent tea room with all the trimmings.

Pot of Yorkshire Gold, cheese and onion on toast, Spiced Yorkshire Teacake and a slice of homemade fruit cake. The whole of London would be mobbing us.

A Betty's instead of the Cafe at oxleas and one in Charlton House.