Monday, 26 June 2006

The Ship Pub

Blimey, I noticed last week that the Ship pub is now under offer. I guess The Ivy had forgotten to post their application to the vendors; their loss, not ours.

It'd be interesting to see who is going to supply Plumsteadshire with food. Gastro-pub worthy of Clerkenwell-types? Fusion food (whatever that is)? Pizza? Sushi? Chicken-in-a-basket? I flippin' well hope not.

Well I suppose any would be better than none, which is all I've known in all my years in the parish of Plumsteadshire.


Anonymous said...

The smart money's on a noodle bar, but there's lots of space in front of the building for mopeds. Pizza Go-Go maybe??? Lovely!

The Plumster said...

Ship Pub Update....Work appears to have started on the interior yesterday. No sightings of Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone know what's happening with The Ship? They've bricked up the windows and seem to be there everyday doing work inside. I too am hoping for a gastro pub, or similar, but the bricked up windows made me concerned - why do that unless they are putting a club or late night bar there?