Thursday, 24 August 2006

The Ship Pub

Exterior works to The Ship Pub site seem to moving at a pace. A snail's pace.

Ah well, maybe it will be worth the wait. I'll look forward to my organic Masham sausages with miniature rosti, Kentish carrots and courgettes. Or in the case of a Plumsteadshire sushi bar, I'd like to put in a request for tuna tataki.

I don't like that they've bricked up the windows facing onto Plumstead Common Road. How did that one pass planning application? I thought the building is protected? I can only imagine this to be the kitchen to the Michelin 2 star restaurant, but then again, kitchens have windows too. I might pop down to Greenwich Council and visit their planning department.

Let's see if The Ship will open first or Wembley Stadium.

Nice to be back


The Plumster said...

I can't believe how slowly work is progressing. My money would be on Wembley at the moment. Re the bricked up windows, I'm guessing that Jamie or Gordon will want a bit of privacy in the kitchen.

The Last Boy Scout said...

I totally agree. It's bizarre just how long it's taking.

Although, the rumour that I heard was that the original "bistro" idea was knocked on the head, after local research showed nobody wanted it.

Ironically, most people wanted to see The Ship return.

Anonymous said...

I've heard it's going to be a pole dancing club...hence the bricked up windows. I wandered into a lovely pub the other week on the common - all the barmaids wear t-shirts with 'Bev's bitches' and a knuckle duster printed across the front...lovely family orientated pub. Must have something to do with that nice bald fella that lives in camelot castle.

The Plumster said...

There's now an application for a premises licence selotaped to the front of The Ship. It's in the following name:-

Bust 'Da' Rhyme exclusive bar & lounge!!!!

Basically the 'owner' is applying for a Fri/Sat/Sun 2am licence to sell alcohol, play recorded music, serve light snacks and......allow dancing. It doesn't say if the dancing will involve a pole or not. Sounds like a pretty classy joint to me.