Wednesday, 5 September 2007

new iPod

I've taken my eye off the tech ball lately, so imagine my surprise when I find out that the latest Apple keynote speech announced new iPods. Not just any old iPod, but touchscreen iPods. This has been speculated about for years and for some reason, I thought the iPhone was it.

I guess a touchscreen device is no great shakes nowadays, but even so, it's none too shabby.


Anonymous said...

Imagine my frustration! A friend has just bought a 80gig iPod for me in New York.

I haven't even got it yet and it's already out of date.

Although the new iPod touch has very little storage space. It defeats the object of an iPod really.

I'm an absolute Apple nut, and I'm not tempted by the iPhone - no 3G is pretty lame.

I know - I really should get out more...

Hugh said...

Anonymous - the forthcoming European Spec iPhone is different to the US one and apparently WILL have 3G.

I too like Apple (this is being written on a Mac) but I am none too keen on their ultra secrecy and sometime dubious marketing (they have just dropped the price of the US iPhone by $200 to $399 and stung a lot of early adopters). Ho hum!

And no, I don't have a mobile phone of any kind.

Nigel said...

Or maybe not, according to the BBC:
Apparently it will run on "Edge" which is much slower than 3G.