Saturday, 7 June 2008

festival season kicks off

The festival season has started. There are the usual suspects - Glastonbury, Notting Hill, Womad & Womad, The Palio and of course to kick it all off, The Plumstead Make Merry.

I know what you're thinking. Why the hell is The Palio nestling in amongst such giants of musical celebration and cultural awareness? Point taken. I'll have to don my Alan Sugar cap and approach my researcher; pointing my finger I'll speak the words, "YOU'RE FIRED."

The Make Merry seemed rather good. I'd imagine that the organisers have to keep it relatively small scale so as not to steal the thunder from Notting Hill later in the year. It's a noble gesture and works well. The new logo has grown on me. I always quite liked it, but now I really like it. The quirkyness of the imagery is quite fun and sinister at the same time, although sinister in an Aubrey Beardsley kind of way, rather than an Austrian cellar kind of way.

Aligned with this quirky Victorian tone of voice is my favourite attraction from today's event, that of a Victorian-styled sideshow. I don't know who they were, but they wore scary prosthetic noses and juggled etcetera.

I was annoyed that I missed Westcott & Rodway. I saw them at last night's jazz night and thought they were utterly brilliant. The Pavilion (or Plumstead Common rugby hut), seems to be carving a very interesting and much needed cultural niche for itself. I'm very excited at how this is all going to develop in the next year.

The Comedy On The Common has brought really good comedians to The Shire and we must spread the word. Sunday 29th June. 7pm (Treadstone are working on a poster). Last night's jazz event was a real triumph. The music was superb and ambience was loose and informal. The ale went down quite well too. This could've been a one-off gig, but I sincerely hope not.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else have the misfortune of parting with £4.50 for Jerk Chicken at the Make Merry? A bigger rip off than Glastonbury, Reading V festivals!!!

All Make and no Merry!

Anonymous said...

A friend paid £6.50 for jerk chicken, rice and peas. The drinks at the rugby hut shot up in price after 1pm. I know people have to make a profit, but come on, ripping off the local community is terrible. Other people even commented on it. One group of people were disgusted with the prices of the drinks, referring to the rugby hut as "hardly an up market wine bar in the centre of London, where you almost expect to be ripped off."

Anonymous said...

We bought 4 pints (not each)! at the rugby club and I didn't think it was expensive, perhaps we looked poor! I thought it was a fun day out, very twee and that the rugby club was like a tardis!

Nicholas said...

The prices at the rugby club did not shoot up we had a barrel of speckled hen which was on offer £2 until it ran out all other beer was the same price the speckled hen ran out about 4.
All other beers and drink were at the published prices see bar tariff in our bar area.
Which is below pubs by atleast 20%
If you have complaints please tell us at the time.

Anonymous said...

comedy on the common club (opposite old Mill Pub) is on this sunday 27th of July acts are as follows Ian Cognito ,Lloyd Langford ,Danny Davies ,Caroline Maberly, Check them out on doors open at 7.00pm acts at 8.15 PM tickets £7.00
See you there