Tuesday, 21 October 2008

....now where was I?

Phew. Life's been really busy. Despite talk of recession and job losses and all that, I've been very busy indeed. And I'm not even a repo man. Touch wood we'll be spared from this current turbulent chapter.

I heard on the wireless that West End theatre has been hit by the recession yet on obverse side of the coin, audiences for live comedy is on the increase. Well, as luck would have it, this coming Sunday is the next Comedy On The Common event. Seven English pounds is all it costs for an evening of gut busting laughter. Man alive, that's cheaper than a ticket to Charlton Athletic.

This Sunday's comedians are Reginald D Hunter, Matt Welcome, Helen Army and Rich Wilson.

In all honesty, I haven't a faintest idea who they are, but I'd not heard of previous comedians either, but they were all brilliant. You can look them up on www.comedycv.co.uk.

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Dear Dr P

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