Wednesday, 12 November 2008

One Day Café

I'm sure the more 'with it' members of Plumsteadshire are aware of a movement to get a café community space realised. A great thing when (not if), it happens.

You know you want that Orange Mocha Frappuccino after a tough Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

Do take a look and get involved.


Anonymous said...

hooray. i can't wait!

My personal journal on the local community of Plumstead: said...

and a Turkish coffee and a late and hot chocolate and a cup cake and nice music from one of Jne's friends - life will change in PlumsteadX
My personal journal on the local community of Plumstead:

Marta Rabikowska said...

Oh, and I like your Green website, will it be interactive? I am trying to produce and interactive wall for Plumstead with my students, but it is a very hard work and we will need a grant too. Fingers crossed.

Connie Preston said...

Hi I am a student of Ravensbourne collage of Design and communication and a resident of the Plumstead area for 20 years. I have been given a project that involves me making a documentary of the area and I would like to interview you on your thoughts and feelings towards the area, if possible.

Please contact me via email