Saturday, 5 February 2011

Spring has sprung

You can tell when the seasons are changing. You can tell that Spring is on its' way. When I lived up North, the arrival of Spring was marked by the appearance of millions of crocuses across The Stray. It were a grand sight.

Walking to Plumstead railway station during the week, I had a vaguely similar sense of the arrival of Springtime. There were warm yellows and intense blues as the new season of estate agent's For Sale signs have popped up. Spring is certainly here.

This morning, I went about my way and breathing in the fresh country air of Spring, I was stopped in my tracks. I came across a large, powerful looking Staffordshire Bull Terrier walking off its' lead. I asked the large, powerful looking owner if it should be on a lead. I don't know what the law states on such things and neither do I know what the code of conduct is amongst responsible dog owners, but I do know this - the dog was off a lead, such dogs have a terrible reputation, and said dog was right outside a primary school, just before 9am and there were lots of children around. This is why I had to speak to the owner.

I didn't expect a charming response and neither did I get one. "Woss it gotta do wiv you wot I do wiv me dog?"........ expletives etcetera.......

I would've quite happily explained that Staffs have a bad reputation, maybe due to the owner rather than the dog, and that such reportage might jangle the nerves of a nation and this could discolour our views of four-legged friends in general ergo he should keep Killer on a lead when innocent victims are aplenty, just to show that as a Staff owner, he shows some civility to others.

However, I have a schedule to keep to so had to leave him to drag his knuckles elsewhere. It makes me sad to think that people can be so instantly aggressive.


LearningByReading said...

Lets not forget the PanGlossian dictum that our nose is a perfect fit for our glasses. Good old Voltaire. Candide was it?
Thanks for buoying my slow moving morning :)

Anonymous said...

Dr Pangloss
I get local planning alerts and I've noticed a planning application about a cafe opening in the Pavilion on the Common. Does anyone know about this?

Anonymous said...

oh please tell me that the cafe application is true. I havent seen anything but am all for it. Also Dr P do you know what is happening with the building works at the train station?

Jane Funnell said...

The said Staffordshire was undoubtedly hanging around waiting to sink its teeth into my innocent little Whippet. (Who, for the record, is always on a lead.) Can't stand those dogs they are just so territorial and make my life a misery.

Dimps said...

My young daughter (who is terrified of dogs since a mentally unhinged sheepdog mauled her brother's leg) has to tackle a veritable obstacle course of ill-disciplined Staffs, every morning and afternoon on school days.

When I quietly and politely suggested that the school gate is an inappropriate place to wait with the dogs (the parents had, after all, arrived in cars and could have left them there)I too, was responded to in loud, aggressive and multi-hued language - by one of the owners - a daughter of the former nursery class teacher!

Despite a number of letters from the headteacher to parents on the matter she, her husband and her friend, all with Staffs, are still there. And guess what? She's managed to acquire a puppy that she bills and coos at, wrapped in a shawl, whilst her children and the older dog (loudly and boisterously trying to attract her attention) are all ignored.