Thursday, 14 June 2012

Enough junk food already

Plumstead Common has its' fair share of greasy food outlets and we don't need another one. Here's a petition to give YOU, the good people o' the Shire a chance to stand up and be counted for. What the heck, I don't mind if you're from Guatemala or the South Sea Islands and never heard of Plumstead Common, you can sign and show your support too.

I want to live beyond 40 years old.

What a lot of people around The Shire want is a decent place serving decent food which won't block your arteries up as soon as you take your second mouthful. Of course, some people love such cuisine and well, I hope you're balancing out your diet with a ton of veg and exercise.

The fast food joint will be within spitting distance of Plumstead Manor School and I thought there are some sort of planning rules against lard in such close proximity to schools. Unfortunately, planning has been approved, but the owners are applying for planning permission for a shop sign which (considering it's a conservation area), is anything but subtle and, despite the name, lacks any sense of taste.

Here's the planning application.


Anonymous said...

The school is the source of customers for that site. I wonder what they think of it?

dawnrose32 said...

Oh Hell, shouldn't we be looking to a cafe, bakery and butchers?? Or is that all too trendy? Some decent shops please - its clear that shop owners couldn't give a rats arse about the high street(its beyound tatty), so lets not drag the common to the same level

Anonymous said...

The common is crying out for a decent coffee shop, please no more junk food! As mentioned the high street is beyond hope but the common still has potential!

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