Sunday 27 July 2014

Plumstead Live

Unfortunately for us, The Plumstead Common Colliery Band had to pull out of the Plumstead Live Festival today at the last minute. Such a shame, but it was an excellent day nonetheless.

In its' short existence, Plumstead Live has already taken root in the local cultural calendar and this primarily comes down to the strength of the organisers, but it also shows the strength of the community, that this event helps make The Shire a special corner of London.

I want Plumstead Live to grow, but actually I want it to grow really slowly as I think it should be about the music and not about convoys of food vans¹.



1 - I am only assuming that attracting commercial businesses brings in a little money to help fund the event.


Unknown said...

Welcome back.

It sounds like there's something planned across Plumstead and Winns Commons for the weekend of September 13th. There are vague mentions of "Woolwich festival Plumstead commons 3 fields... Bastet promotions" on Facebook and Twitter.

I haven't seen any planning applications.

Unknown said...


For planning apps read licensing apps. Other things on my mind.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Thank you Stewart. I've quite missed writing and I just don't get on with that 140 characters nonsense.

As for this festival, 12am to midnight; that's quite full-on.

dimps said...

Nice to see you back. Plumsteaders have been asking where you are.

Woolwich Festival is a bit worrying. Seems to be organised by one person who publicises very close to event dates and charges acts rather than the audience. She is using Tinie Tempah as the bait, but there is no mention on his site that he will be appearing. No licence application either. She mentions that the army will be acting doing security. Really? Across 3 commons for 12 hours???

The secret search for enlightenment said...

I admire your attitude. How you look the future of Plumstead Live. Others don't have the mentality like you do. I salute you.