Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Cillit Bang!!!!

Hi, I'm not Barry Scott.
I'm wrestling with the Cillit Bang phenomena. I've probably had four conversations about the wonder cleaner in the past six weeks, all with different people. And no, I haven't been starting these conversations either. I mean, I'm not some kind of subliminal Cillit Spy, putting the brand name in everyone's sub-conscious.
The commercials are so cleverly bad, the garish colours of the product, the ridiculous name which is amusing yet doesn't describe the product whatsoever (does the name Cillit Bang derive from an Eastern Bloc country? Is the liquid spewed from a certain industrial building in Chernobyl? Come to think of it, do the Cillit Bang brand guru's have an office in one of the reactors?). On the subject of power, what about the amazing cleaning abilities?
Oddly, this is where the Bangster falls down.
Four conversations and I only know of one person who's bought it.
Research shows that 75% of people don't buy it because something that'll shine a one pence piece will kill a family of dolphins in Ireland as soon as it gets flushed down a loo in Thamesmead. In complete contrast to the ad campaign, this stuff is meant to be so good that it can only be bad. Here's a link to a scientific test under laboratory conditions.
I've yet to succumb to purchasing the big daddy of cleaning products, but I've certainly bought into Barry Scott's advertising campaign.

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