Sunday, 25 September 2005

Plumstead Common moon

Sounds strange eh?

Well, let me explain myself. The other night, looking across Plumstead Common, I saw a huge red/orange moon, and a (sort of) flat cloud wafting across its' glow. The moon was massive, I mean unreal, which obviously caught my eye, but with the cloud too, it was just like that scene from the seminal favourite of art students, 'Un Chien Andalou'.
Remember this?

If not, I'm sure you'll remember this one.

Happy days eh?

Anyway, the moon did freak me out a tiny bit. The colour as well as the size, but it was a welcome distraction after wasting 2 hours of my life watching 'Pride And Prejudice'.

I'll be one of very few to dislike this film, but half an hour in and I wanted to perform the operation as shown above on myself. The film looked great, but even that couldn't save me from the continual close-ups of Ms Knightley. Stop pouting woman!!!!
See what I mean?
I don't mind films without lazers and a good car chase, but the dialogue in P&P gave me a real headache. Maybe it was the aroma de popcorn from row H?

Just to restore my faith in cinema, I notice there are some good showings coming up at the new magic lantern house in Greenwich. A local Art-house cinema; about time too.

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