Thursday, 10 November 2005

famous model in Plumstead Co Op

I don't usually look at my till receipts, but today just happened to notice that I was served by J Kidd. I kid you not. Next time you shop at our local inconvenience store, see if you too have had your fusili swiped by Jodie.


sabret00the said...

if only we were all that lucky.

Lev said...

I know who you mean. She's the Co-op check out girl, the future Jodie Kidd. That is if she doesn't end up pushing buggies in Woolwich.

Anonymous said...

Is she the one that can actually scan your items and take your payment too? Without having to call the Manager to help? You know - the Manager that's always out the front smoking a fag! That place really is the pits - useful for if you've forgotten something from Sainsbury's, but still awful!