Monday, 7 November 2005

Twin Town

Matthew, a chum of mine (not of this manor - he is Lord of Greater Dulwich Heights (formerly know as Forest Hill)), suggested a belter of an idea. It is everywhere, but we never think about it.
Twin Towns.
I love the idea of twin towns. Well, I love it but at the same time, don't know what it means.
So, Plumstead Common needs a twin town.
I'll think on it and will take suggestions too.
Answers on a postcard etc....


rotsbart said...

Dealshire sur le Merde was until recently also heavy with loud theatricals of an evening,and so bears some tiny resemblence to your lovely spot of pastoral-.

Anonymous said...

How's about little India? or maybe outer Nigeria???

Pangloss said...

I get your point about India and Nigeria but such a comment is a little too tongue in cheek, even for my liking.
Thanks for the suggestion anyway.