Thursday, 1 December 2005

The Coronet Cinema

I just had a look at some photos on The Plumstead Commoner's blog and saw a photo of the old Coronet Cinema (down by the Woolwich Ferry roundabout, where cars park at fantastically dangerous places on a Sunday and open their doors just when you pass by on a motorbike. Religion and common sense don't neccessarily go together).
I'm not originally from around these parts so I've never known the building as a working cinema, which is a great shame. I've been told it was a beauty in its' time though. Egyptian Deco I think.
Well I shudder to think what the New Wine Church has done to the interior. If the building is as spectacular as I've heard, then I just hope the whole thing's been listed. When I said there are some tasty buildings in much-maligned Woolwich, I wasn't kidding.

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hele said...

They've actually done quite a nice job in retaining the details of the interior - I was involved in a visit there a couple of years ago as a judge for the Civic Trust Awards. It didn't win anything, but all the members of the panel were impressed by how the church had adapted the space for its needs, while keeping the character of the place. Better than letting it rot away.