Sunday, 4 December 2005

Greenwich shopping

I like Greenwich.

Today, we went to the centre of the universe with Marc and Rachel, our posh friends; I never knew baby clothes were such a big deal here. I saw 2 stalls and a whole shop dedicated to baby clothes. I couldn't believe it. Now I know this great country has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the whole of Europe and the boom in baby attire is testament to this, but honestly, do we really need so many bibs in such a small shopping area?

Moving up the age range, I've noticed that we have an old fashioned sweet shop in da hood. I think it's new as I've not seen it before. A bit of the famous Hope & Greenwood treatment for us. It was great asking for a quarter of Lemon Bon Bons, a phrase I've not used for 25 years. However, I think I paid about 35p back then.

Inflation is a pain in the butt.

One shop which I will never visit again is a certain pet shop - no names mentioned. The four of us were about to walk in when a shop assistant told us to wait outside. It's not a small shop and there must've been about 6 people inside, no more. There was plenty of room (to swing a cat), and we had to stand on the pavement. I'm no retail guru, but treating potential customers like this is not good business strategy. By the way, it's called Pets & The City.


Kat said...

Yummy! A real Sweet Shop!

I went to Lakeside the other day and they have a shop that sells proper toys. I died and went to heaven.

hele said...

'Pets and the City' has to be the most useless-looking shop in the whole of Greenwich. And when you consider some of the others ('The Tartan Cupboard'?!) that's saying something! Still, if your Dachsund really needs a set of Burberry legwarmers, I guess you'll just have to submit to the owners' queuing foibles.

marc said...

Gooner and Belle were pleased we never stood the test of time and waited outside Pets and the City for the crowds to die down. They think that Burberry warmers are a bit chav and wouldn't be seen dead in anything so 'Essex'.