Thursday, 27 April 2006

Petrol prices

I noticed that petrol station forecourt totems (you know, the thing with the gasoline price displayed and also hides mobile phone transmitters even though customers have to switch phones off whilst on the premises - practice what you preach), display 2 digits, 1 decimal point and another digit ie


see this example from many many years ago......

In which case, if/when the price exceeds 99.9p, how do they display 3 digits, 1 decimal point and another digit? ie


Does this mean that there is a ceiling price of 99.9p to gasoline?

Probably not.

So does it mean the price rise can be endless and that the gas station managers have numbers at differing widths and type-sizes? Do they also have numbers in different fonts? That'll jolly things up.

Flicking around on the interweb, I found the image at the bottom which seems to say it all.....

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