Thursday, 20 April 2006

Ronaldinho & Recycling

I missed the Barcelona match this week, but saw clips of Ronaldinho grinning away as usual.

Yes, he probably gets paid stacks of cash and endorses toothpaste and wet look gel, but it's so refreshing to see a grown man smile on the pitch, looking like he's enjoying his job. I can't stand all these blokes getting all too serious and Neanderthal whilst playing footie.

Imagine that? Being PAID to PLAY. Job's a good 'un.

Well, the reason I missed the game was that I'm enjoying a series on BBC2 all about a family going green in Cornwall. In the same vein as my Ronaldinho observation above, this family have broken from the social stereotype too. This is a HAPPY FAMILY.

Not sure the last time I saw one of those on tv.

They're obviously going the whole hog on the green thing, but I tell you what. I think it's really disgusting how many people don't even recycle.

We've had a few people stay at our house and even though we point out the difference between a recycling bin and a crappy smelly bin, they ignore this and everything goes into the smelly bin. It's not as if these are pikeys at all, they just don't seem to be bothered.

So I asked people at work about their recycling. Most don't bother. These are well educated people.

Dis-affected youth maybe? Crap. I hate that phrase anyway. Lazy buggers that's what I say. You want something sonny? Then work to get it. Kids say they're bored and need yoof clubs? Crap. All you need is a ball, a couple of jumpers for goal-posts and an imagination. People born after 1990 seem to be devoid of imagination.

I digress.

I'm a little bit lost why I seem to be in a minority when it comes to recycling.

What's the difficulty?

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