Sunday, 1 October 2006

Busta Meeting

One lovely listener has posted this very interesting comment on Plumsteadshire. In case you don't read other comments; see below in yellow text.

The so-called catchment area is a total farce. I'm sure we're all agreed that a late night drinking hole will have an affect on an area far wider than the radius of a strong projectile vomit. As such, we should be involved. This just tells me that
a) Greenwich Council want to pass this through with minimum fuss and
b) that Greenwich Council don't give a monkeys about the ramifications on the wider community.

Oh, don't forget D-Day is nigh. Get writing people.

Dear concerned Plumstead Common residents,

I have just been informed by the licensing office at Greenwich Council that the Licensing Committee hearing on this application will take place on

24 Oct 3pm at Woolwich Town Hall

This is where we need to go to argue the case against "Bust Da Rhyme" in person. Spread the word!

Also, I was informed that residents living outside a certain area who make written representations are not actually being considered. I got a rejection letter yesterday as we live just outside the said area! The catchement seems a bit random and the logic of it does not seem completely sound. It does not, for example, include some logical locations, like the far end of the Common towards Tormount, which has a pretty good (sometimes direct) view of The Ship a.k.a. "Bust Da..." and could be affected by people spilling on to the open green space at late hours, or indeed the houses on Heavitree Road and Close backing on to or facing the tennis courts and green space next to it, a good place to cut through if heading down the hill after a late night out. If you want to find out if your road is included in the catchement, ring 020 8921 8139.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the catchment area for this type of objection is usually 100meters. However, and here's the good part, because the number of objections to this application has been in the words of Greenwich Council 'overwhelming' the catchment area has been increased to 200meters. Still not great I know, but it is an indication of the level of public response. If you haven't written a letter, go and write it now!!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks coming to Plumstead....

More soon...

Anonymous said...

please tell me this is true. it only takes one and next thing you know we will have Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge and sorts of other high street eateries (not Cottage Chicken)...

The Headless 291 Driver said...

that's ridiculous, there is no way Plumstead would get a Starbucks. I want Plumstead to become gentrified more than anyone, that's why I moved here 2 years ago but anyone who thinks a massive global chain is suddenly going to go out on a limb and move to, let's be honest, the grotty part of Plumstead, is off their rocker.

Nothing of that ilk will survive in Plumstead, Plumstead is in the middle of nowhere, it's not a major throughfar. On the whole the only people around during the day are either mothers or labourers, no trendy city office people to fund the place A major chain would lose money hand over fist in Plumstead. A small independent will be what starts any theoretical change.

Anonymous said...

anywhere, chain or otherwise, with a good latte! yes, please. but fair trade, organic would be ideal. and maybe some nice cakes or muffins or scones. don't forget the number of pensioners in this area. so it could also be a good place for the older residents to have tea in the afternoon (after a nice game of bowles?).

agreed, posh chains would be beyond most people's pockets round here. independent, all the better, less expensive, more ethical, etc.

I still wouldn't mind cafe rouge! get rid of the carpet shop and put in cafe rouge. they could use the wide pavement for a lovely outside cafe looking over the common. tres european! - something familiar for the exchange students that frequently visit the area.

and instead of bust da, a little italian or family friendly gastro pub!

a vision of a future gentrified plumsteadshire. aah.

The Last Boy Scout said...

It looks as though i've fallen in to this bracket aswell.

I received my "you live more than spitting distance away, so your objections don't count" letter, and my mother received a "you didn't have the correct title on your petition letter".


Although if, god forbid, this gets through we should hold those cllrs personally resposible. Especially Thorp and Tyler, as they were at the action day photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

Why? At least they have been pro-active without an election on the horizon...Tory Boy are you?

Dib dib dob!

The Last Boy Scout said...

oooh anonymous 11:41 touched a raw nerve have I that you resort personal insults?

Perhaps if you put in as much effort to joining the campaign, instead of coining a phrase that became obsolete over 40 years ago plumstead wouldn't find itself in the state that the council has left it in.

As for the cllrs doing some work, about bloody time they earn't the allowances that our council tax pays for.

Anonymous said...

Anon: At least they [Thorpe and Tyler] have been pro-active


Paul Tyler? pro-active? Was that meant as some sort of sick joke?

Anyway Danny, sorry anon, you and Tyler wouldn't have known about it if it hadn't been for this site and the people who live locally doing something first.

From what we've been told, and boy do we have a lot of narks, you didn't spring in to action until the local press got involved. Learning to spin early, we're sure it will hold you in good stead.

Now, we hear you had some good fun in Germany at our expense.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to 3 councilors about this 'ship' issue, and exchanged some emails with one of them ................... I'm not saying that the councilors are perfect, who is? but on this issue I personally have found all three really supportive and I'd like to thank them for the work they have done. Its really easy to to be cynical and slag people off isnt it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Plumsteadshire

Please can you let people know that the Busta license meeting has been changed.

Counsellor Danny Thorpe, Labour Member for Shooters Hill, has advised that:

"the licensing meeting to consider the Bust Da Rhyme application has been moved to a new date, 31st October at 6.30pm."

I believe the location, Woolwich Town Hall, remains the same.

The new time will surely enable more people to attend. Please can you bring this to people's attention? and ask everyone to spread the word?


Anonymous said...

I've heard a rumour, from a friend of mine that works for the council, that this is a done deal.

The only way to stop it is to have a large presence at that meeting on 31st October.

Dimps said...

Yippee! My neighbour and I have both just had our objections accepted and we live OUTSIDE the 200m limit. We have also been invited to speak at the hearing.

I am a little concerned that residents are still being asked by local "organisors" of the protest to request the Glyndon councillors to represent their views. The Ship problem covers two wards, Glyndon (Wernbrooke side of Plumstead Common Rd) and Shooters Hill (Co-op side of said road). Residents in Shooters Hill Ward should ask Danny Thorpe to represent them (John Kelly and Denise Hyland are, I think, on the Committee).

I also understand that the petition has been returned by the Council as the statement was not included on every page. Can someone advise how objectors can sign the new petition?

Can you please publicise the new hearing date of 31st October.