Saturday, 14 October 2006

Council meeting

The date of the Rusty Lime Exclusive Bar And Lounge meeting has been changed.

This has been brought to my attention from a couple of lovely listeners, but almost as if by a stroke of creepy coincidence, as I start writing this blog entry, a brown envelope is delivered via the GPO (that's General Post Office to the younger members of my readership); it's my invitation to attend the meeting.

So, the meeting is 6.30pm Tuesday 31st October 2006. at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich.

At least that means us working people have a chance of attending.


Anonymous said...

Has everyone been getting a great big pack of info from the council with copies of the objection letters etc?

I think we have shown a good local spirit in getting so many letters of objection sent in - Lets make sure we all show up for the meeting - nothing like showing the councilors in person all those potential votes they could loose!!!

The Plumster said...

Yep I got half a rain forest through my door yesterday

See y'all Tuesday

dimps said...

John Austin (MP for the north side of Plumstead Common) has remained strangely quiet. Perhaps The Ship is too low a building to abseil.