Tuesday, 9 January 2007




Anonymous said...

I love it - shame it's not out till October here.


I got the 8.17 this morning and encountered a woman for the second time this week handing out raffle tickets and mumbling about bets i think. Anyone know what she is about?

Anonymous said...

I get the 8.17 and didn't see her, where does she hang out...

Anonymous said...

not really as interesting as info on the local pub and surroundings.
Phones - yawn.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in the iphone a video of the stunning interface...


I want one now!

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Dimps said...

Enough about phones - Busta's hearing was held tonight. It was a lengthy affair (6.30 - 9.50) and no heating. Brrr!

The licence has been granted, but with the following conditions:

Recorded Music.

Mon - Thurs 11.00 - 22.45
Fri, Sat 11.00 - 23.00
Sun 12 - 22.45
Bank Holidays 12.00 - 23.45

Recorded music with a DJ will be limited to 1 day per calendar month.


This will be limited to one day per calendar month, during the following times:

Mon - Thurs 18.00 - 22.45
Fri, Sat 18.00 - 23.45
Bank Holidays 12.00 - 23.45

Late Night Refreshments (we were told this means hot food and drink)

23.00 - 23.45


Mon - Thurs 11.00 - 23.00
Fri, Sat 12.00- 23.45
Sun 12.00 - 22.45
BH 12.00 - 23.45

Open to the public

Mon - Thurs 11.00 - 23.15
Fri, Sat 12.00 - 00.00
Sun 11.00 - 23.00
BH 12.00 - 00.00

Further conditions include:

Doors and windows to be kept closed except to allow entry and egress, noise limiters, no bottles or glasses to be taken outside, no alcohol to be taken outside, anyone who looks under 21 will have to provide proof of age, signs about removal of bottles and glasses, proof of age, etc.

Anonymous said...

i say "here here" to getting back to Pangloss' usual blog stuff. we have all hijacked this blog with talk of pubs for too long! it looks like now we can just accept the council decision and keep an eye on the ship.

re iPhone... i am not a techy person but this thing seems very cool. does it really do everything it says? would be good to carry one gadget, rather than a phone, mp3 player and organiser (in my case old fashioned filofax)...

Anonymous said...

Yes it does and apparently it's even going to have gps or sat nav technology built in.

So if you get the thing stolen by some unfriendly locals coming out from the ship then it could send out a distress call where it is.

This will make the crooks think twice about stealing it!

Anonymous said...

I guess the no bottles outside rule means that he wont be opening a beer garden for those lovely balmy summer evenings (or even balmly January evenings)
Shame I shall have to take my own Pimms to the common.

Anonymous said...

Mind all the dog poo if you do...

plumstead common resident said...

pledge to improve plumstead common:

Carl00711 said...

Those iPhones are tres cool, but they have far too much hi-tech stuff taht needs to run, just to make it a functioning phone. And the rumoured cost of ownership, in the US, is $2500 per year!

I'll stick to my little Samsung a while longer, makes calls, takes photos (badly, maybe that's just me) and I can get Radio 4.