Friday, 12 January 2007

The Ship

Thanks to Dimps for reporting back on this evening's council meeting. I'm not at all surprised at the outcome. One lovely listener has sung the praises of Mr Patel and we can't bash him about for opening a pub. His latest proposal has changed considerably from the Busta proposal.

Let's give him a chance, then if he The Ship changes its' identity back towards Busta, let's bash him then - legally, not physically.

Enough already.

This blog isn't exclusively about pubs. There are more important things out there you know. Like the fact that we can actually walk on custard and that Apple Computer produce damn fine stuff. Did I mention the iPhone?

By the by, the recommendations of trades-people via Plumsteadshire does make me realise the limitations of this blog. I'm working on a Plumsteadshire website and among the many ideas I have for it, good trades-people sounds like a good page to include.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a Plumsteadshire website with general Plumstead info. I found it hard when buying a house to find out anything about the area. It would also mean separate pages could be set up as you say covering tradesmen (I still need a garden clearing chap) and pubs/restaurants which interest some people (i.e Me) and other areas of interest for other locals. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

The Story of Busta Rymes

‘Twas in our year of grace Two Thousand and Seven
That Busta came to Plumstead and thought he’d gone to heaven
“Yo,” sayeth Busta, “I’ll come here wi’ ma bitch
And I’ll make loads of money without a hitch
I’ll open a nightclub called Bust da Rhymes
And we’ll stay open all nite long to the merrie chimes
Of So Solid Crew, and garage, and house;
So what if the locals think I’m a louse!
Drunkeng ness and ASBOs? I couldn’t give a monkey’s!
My expensive drinks will ward off hoodies ‘n’ junkies!”

But the good folk of Plumstead, who’d lived through the Blitz,
Were not taken in by his glamour and his glitz.
They complained to the Council and turned up en masse
“We’ll not have Busta, he’s rubbish, he’s crass!”
So Busta got the throw-out, and had to slash his hours.
For to open all night long was way beyond his powers.

Next, his smartypants lawyer said “It’s gonna be a PUB,
A place of community, a family hub
Yes, it will attract a family crowd,
Oh and by the way – children not allowed!”
But Plumstead’s goodly burghers were still not taken in
With music and dancing there’s bound to be a din.
The music of Busta would be awfully loud
And it would attract the wrong sort of crowd.
“Bog off, Busta, still you we despise;
We know that this pub of yours is a nightclub in disguise!”

With the wisdom of Solomon, the Sub Committee crew
Said “Dancing every night? Busta, that will never do!
Once a month is quite enough, as long as we can bear you;
Every night, you’re joking! How very dare you!”

But eternal vigilance must ever be our lot
We can’t let Busta’s clientele let Plumstead go to pot
For if his customers cause us grief and woe
Then they’ll review the licence, and Busta’ll have to go.
But let us hope that Busta’s place will be elegant and hip
And that it will lend great glory to the name that is THE SHIP!

Anonymous said...

As you say, Plumsteadshire is not all about pubs but this site is, and features a review of the Woodman:

plumstead common resident said...

pledge to improve plumstead common:

Anonymous said...

there must be something going in plumstead as i bought my house a year ago for 210,000 and it was today valued at 260,000 but here is the good bit .... I have not done anything to it, in fact i have stripped it to its bare bones so i can give it a contemporary feel.. . ...I love plumstead having lived all over london, i love plumstead and can see it seriously being the next hot spot . . .

The Plumster said...

Plumstead has been talked about as the next 'hot spot' for some time now. As for what's going on, I think the main catalyst is down the road in Woolwich - The DLR extension.

Anonymous said...

WOW just saw the Woodman today and am seriously impressed. Hope to see you all in there!
Sorry enough about pubs....

Anonymous said...

convening today, Sun 14 Jan, 3pm at the Woodman... to check it out, and see if new look pub might attract new look clientele!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - incomplete link given earlier so here's the full url for the Woodman review:

Anonymous said...

I love the line about bleating new arrivals to se18!

I can't wait to read the one about the ship. What will they make of the decor and the D.I.S.C.O lights in a!

Anonymous said...

Well as I am neither male or working class I obviously wasn't lounging around the pub when fancy a pint came a visiting.

Anonymous said...

There's a poster in the window of The Ship for it's 'Grand Opening' on the 25th at 7.30pm.

Anonymous said...

went to the Woodman over the weekend. Nice pub shame about the people in it. Asked about food - they are going to be serving "sandwiches and ploughmans!" not quite the roast I was hoping for.
Come on The Ship, it is my final hope for a decent drink in Plumstead - still not sure where to eat.

Anonymous said...

mate you are not going to get a decent drink inside of the ship - have you seen the tastful advertising they have in the windows?

My advice to you is if you don't like the locals then either move or hope that they all start drinking in the ship and so enabling you to enjoy a nice drink in the woodman!

Btw. The Star is Ok have you tried that yet?

Anonymous said...

i have indeed the Star is by far my favourite and was originally recommended by the lovely bloggers on this site. All hail the Star, it's quiz and the lovely Landlord.
Anyone know anything about Greenwich Rugby Club who train on the common on Wednesdays? Or a Squash club?