Sunday, 1 April 2007

Plumstead High Street

Take a look at new Plumstead blog, Sibonetic. I have and he's brought up the subject of the North - South divide (in Plumstead); unfortunately, it certainly exists.

I like it around Plumstead High Street. Coming home from work last week, I thought I'd detour around the area to check it out. There's a real vibrancy there and a whole range of shops that underline the diversity of our community in Plumstead.

Now, does anyone know about the little Goan Restaurant on Plumstead High Street? I've been eating there for a couple of years and love it, but has it closed down? I hope not. Their Chicken Xacuti is superb and their pilau rice is the best around.


Dave said...

The divide only exists to those who live to the south. Snobs who call the southside 'Upper Plumstead' when no such place exists.

sibonetic said...

I think you are mistaken, Upper Plumstead does not exist, that area is now Shooters Hill Slopes, Plumstead Common only starts north of the Common and goes all the way down to the High Street, and Plumstead is a couple of roads between the High Street and the Railway Line.

BTW Pangloss thanks for the encouraging words on my Blog.

Dave said...

Its all a bit petty saying you live in plumstead common when you live in plumstead.

Its as ridiculous as people from Charlton getting picky about whether they live in the village or Station side. Or people from Chislehurst bickering about Station or Pond area.

Plumstead is a place, Plumstead Common is a nice bit of green space (COMMON land) in Plumstead. To say the common stretches to the high street is ridiculous - Plumstead Common stops where it stops being green, ie. where the common land stops.

sibonetic said...

Dave I was joking!! have a look here
and you will see what I mean, If I had meant it, I would have agreed with you totally!!

Dave said...

Ahh , now I see the irony!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently moved to the area and ate at the Goan Restaurant once when we were viewing properties last year. Food was really good so it's a shame it's closed down. Heard that the proprietors have sold up & retired. Does anyone know what's happening to the property?

Also, want to find a good pub that serves food in the area or a decent restaurant. Any suggestions or is Blackheath the place to go to?