Saturday, 31 March 2007

I'm such a snob

Many thanks to one lovely listener for putting me right on my 'It's Safe Innit?' piece.

Anonymous said...

Do I notice a touch of snobbery in the land of Plumsteadshire?

Pangloss, you should try having a light ale in either The Prince Albert or The Wo'd a Thought It. I'm quite confident that you would feel suitably uncomfortable in either of the said establishments.

Go on, try it sometime.

You really neeed to remove those blinkers!

I know there are unsavoury characters in Plumsteadshire and I know there are places to avoid; that can be said of any village, town and city, but I'm a 'glass half full' kind o' person. I like a rant now and again, but why is it snobbish to highlight the positive points of an area? Why is it snobbish to have a positive outlook on life? I'm certainly not blinkered, I know what's going on around me.

As for the pubs you mention, yes I have been for drinks in both establishments. You're right, they're not a picture of CAMRA utopia, but that's real life. These places aren't my first choice, but I don't condemn places like these either. Whether you like it or not, they serve a strata of society.


Anonymous said...

a stratum
write on!
best wishes from a pedant

Anonymous said...

Calm down dear!

I've obviously touched a nerve on the snobbery issue. However my comment was in reference to remarks made (not by you) about there being a 'difference' between Plumstead & Plumstead Common and which is something that Sibnetic has mentioned.

I never relished walking home from the train station at night and there was a very grizzly looking place called the Alpha Club, the sort of place where all music and chatter stops once a stranger walks through the door. I only got burgled once, and that was quite enough.

I'm not so sure the residents of Brockley would find your comments that positive and see you as a 'glass half full' kind o' person. Indeed perhaps before you start slagging off another area you should have a look at what goes on in your own manor! It's not all roses in plumsteadshire.

Oh and Pangloss why did you remove your snobbish comment on my spelling? Did you feel a bit of a pedantic knob?

Now take a deep breath and adjust those blinkers deary!


Anonymous said...

Easy now. I think Pangloss expressing his/her opinions and give all of us a space on his/her blog is a wonderful thing! It is great to hear everyone's opinions, snobs included. No one is perfect in their views of the world and how they aspire to live their lives. And, really, "Anonymous of Sunday, April 01, 2007 7:47:00 PM", take a step off your high horse... look back on your comments... reading them one can identify a different kind of snobbishness due to your own views. And that's fair enough, but don't lay in to Pangloss.

For the record, there is a difference between Plumstead and Plumstead Common - that is not snobbishness, but just plain fact. Ask people who have lived around here for years and years, and they will advise. It is not necessarily that the Common area is better, but it does suit people who perfer green space over the vicinity to the station, and vice versa.

Also, it is fair enough that people base their opinions on their experience. I lived in Tooting a long time ago before the neighbouring areas smartened up, and I definitely FELT less safe there walking home at night than I do coming back from Plumstead station, though I am quite nervous when alone coming back late from Woolwich Arsenal station. Does that view possibly offend the people of Tooting? Well, I don't know, but if it does that is not me being a snob, just expressing my opinion based on experience. Others may have a different feeling, and that's fine, but the fact is how you feel in an area makes a difference. In the case of Plumstead, it has been helpful to learn that there are statistics to back up feeling: that this area is RELATIVELY safer than other areas of London. BUT it IS still London. So, it is both good and interesting that the crime stats can add to the information on which one bases one's perceptions and feelings about a place.

Thanks again to Pangloss of this blog and all the lively and interesting discussions.

Nigel said...

Well said previous commenter!
Good to hear some common sense - instead of 'snobs' v 'chip on the shoulder brigade'.

People in glass houses....

Pangloss said...

Thanks for your support lovely listeners, I appreciate it very much.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so embarassed at being labelled a snob?
I will readily admit I show these signs. Do I prefer Waitrose over the Coop - yes. Do I prefer an Italian restaurant over chicken cottage - yes. Do I prefer Blackheath over Plumstead - yes and I don't wear plastic shoes or supermarket clothes but you know what I am not ashamed of who I am and I don't make judgements of others who have different preferences (OK I do make some judgements about people with chelsea facelifts, staffies and hoodies but these are quite deserving).

sibonetic said...

What's a Chelsea facelift? am I thick?

Nigel said...

Anonymous, the whole POINT about snobs is that they DO make judgements of others based on their preferences, formed with an innate [and often smug]sense of their superiority.

Of course you are not ashamed of what you are - show me a snob who is!

It's terrific that you can afford to live life exactly as you choose and buy what you like, where you like, when you like.

But try not to be TOO condescending or judgemental towards those who can't, eh? You will be a nicer person for it, I promise!