Monday, 12 March 2007

Roadworks can be great

I've always thought the junction at the top of Griffin Road & Waverley Crescent to be a tad dangerous. Vehicles driving (usually with mobile phone in hand), from The Common, heading downhill love to cut the corner at a brisk speed. Is this a dangerous junction the Council should be aware of? I'll say.

Thanks for the respite though. The roadworks are a real boon to road safety.

On this subject, there is a very dangerous junction near Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I'm talking Charlton Park Lane and Cemetery Lane. Cut corners? Massacre corners more like. No wonder Greenwich Council built a cemetery and a hospital there. Forward planning eh? So I assume we need a few road deaths until the Highways Dept will do something about it.

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sibonetic said...

For god's a sake, dont make the council aware of a dangerous junction, they will probably try to improve it!!!

An example of which can be seen a little bit further up Waverley Cresent. They have resited the bus stop to obscure drivers views of the upcoming junction with Warwick Terrace, and placed a handy bollard on the corner, this triumph of highway design forces vehicles out into the middle of the road so they get to see right into the whites of the eyes of those motorists speeding up Waverley Cresent and cutting the corner.