Thursday, 29 March 2007

Use your mirrors!!!!!

Do MPs actually live in the real World?

Introducing speed limiters on bikes? Yes, there are lots of maniac bikers around who show no road sense or road respect, the vast majority of these have big square boxes on the back and deliver pizzas. There are lots of maniac car & van drivers too and let me not forget Royal Mail
trucks or buses.

Yes, speed does kill, but what statistics for bad driving? Tail-gating on a motorway, turning without signalling, changing lanes without checking a mirror or the blind spot? Every one of us has seen some silly mistake or really stupid manoeuvre. Did I mention using mobile phone whilst driving? Or applying lipstick? I've seen even worse.

I've been knocked off my scooter. I was riding below 20mph and some f****r pulled out towards my legs. My headlights were on, my dayglo jacket was Cillit Bang zingy, but did they bother to look before changing lanes? No. If this brilliant government want to tackle road accidents, try tackling bad driving.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. When I saw the news item on the telly I couldn't believe my eyes'n'ears at what was being reported. Statistics on the number of crashes involving bikes - around 5000 out of a total of 26000, so about 20%. Therefore, let's blame the bikers! Nothing about what caused the accidents, just jumping on the easiest answer, i.e., bikes can go fast and nip through traffic, so lets stop them.

In my wn experience, every prang or near miss has been a car driver's fault, every time causeed by them not looking/signalling. About 5 times now I've had to stop sharply when turning right on the mini-roundabout by the tae kwondo place in the Slade, because seemingly-blind drivers, 3 of whom were using their mobiles, didn't see me.

In fact, not signalling is my biggest bugbear. The number of times I've been tempted to pull up alongside some non-signalling nitwit and say, politely, "Excuse me, I though you should know that the bulb's gone in your indicator".

Ah, what's the use etc etc!

The Plumster said...

Failure to indicate should be punishable by fine and points. You don't need to be a biker to put at risk by and frustrated by people not indicating. I mean, how lazy can you get? How difficult is it to indicate whilst driving?

streetwise said...

When I started to ride my motorbike I discovered and was reminded many times on every journey that apparently the law has changed. Red traffic lights are now only advisory. Oh, and also that drivers of white vans are expempt from the mobile phone law.

dimps said...

Talking about dodgy junctions in the area...

Does the idea of a mini-roundabout at the Ennis Rd/Plumstead Common Road/Waverley Cresc. junction (ie. Ablairs/Ship)grab anyone? Or perhaps it wouldn't make a ha'p'th of difference. At least the long wait in Waverley Crescent gives me a chance to study Busta's weird hairdo and to wonder who that bald bloke might be (he is always sitting at the bar).

Really dodgy is attemtpting to pull out of Warwick Terrace (53 terminus) into Plumstead Common Road. My habits include: (i) waiting for a 53 to turn right to shield me from danger or (ii) whizzing as fast as I can around the corner knocking over all and sundry on the zebra crossing. The only time it is possible to turn this corner with a smidge of confidence is at night, when there is at least a few seconds warning from headlights. The only solution I can think of is to make the Common side of the road a double yellow line area (that would sort the illegal car dealing problem, too).

I would like to add another gripe/word of advice: don't attempt to drive up Riverdale Rd. during the ten minutes before 3pm. The torrent of police cars (lights flashing, sirens blaring)coming down the hill will just send your blood pressure soaring way too high (imagine backing all the way down to the mini-roundabout or to the junction with Speranza St. half a dozen times between two rows of narrowly-parked cars on a bend.