Friday, 11 May 2007

what a tart

Boy oh boy. Approaching tea time today, I had a craving for a custard tart.
I love 'em.
We're not talking about the Portuguese one (too tough)

or the Chinese one (too sweet), but your English one. I remember buying them from Barton's the bakers in the 1970's. The nutmeg sprinkles makes all the difference. A good custard tart delivers, even more than a Tunnocks Tea Cake.

My extensive research has shown the best to be purchased from Sainsbury's (but of course, this is completely subjective). The taste, texture and nutmeg : custard ratio are just right.

This image on the left is an inferior quality tart due to its' slightly sunken custard and sombre complexion, but it's the best I could find on the interweb.


sibonetic said...

I prefer the Portuguese, the best of which can be found in Belem, on the western side of Lisbon at Pasteis de Belem..... Yum

Pangloss said...

I've been to Belem but may have committed a tart faux pas - sounds like a tasty sweet meat in itself.

I did not try one of the local tarts [your honour].

One of the things which I remember from Lisbon is why should such a beautiful city be plagued by so much graffiti?

Anonymous said...

they need the pceg graffiti brigade.

Nigel said...

Yum. I need one now!

Anonymous said...

I like a nice M&S custard tart and like to nibble of the pastry from around the top and then slurp the middle out...

Pangloss said...

Marks & Spencer? They of Bryan Ferry endorsement?

Well, I never. In which case, I'll hot foot it to Woolwichshire on the morrow to buy me some tarts. I'm sure I've sampled the M&S delight, but will revisit on anon's recommendation.

The 'crust first' technique is a true sign of a connoiseur and may even be deemed 'show boating' if performed in public.

Nigel said...