Monday, 14 May 2007

Deep thinking pub

At first glance, I thought this said "Sky Sport Nowhere", as if The Lord Derby was making an existential statement.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious it makes me chuckle everytime I walk past it, although admittedly I tend to scurry past it as it always smells of gas as if the place might go up in flames at any moment.
Why has the pub just a little further down the high street closed? Does anyone know? (rose and crown)?

sibonetic said...

Conversion to flats and commercial space.

This is the planning application

LOCATION The Rose & Crown P.H. 24 Plumstead High Street Plumstead SE18

PROPOSAL Conversion of existing public house and the erection of a second floor and rear extension so as to provide three commercial units and 4 x 1-bed & 2 x 2-bed flats.

APPLICANT/AGENT Mr Roger Sedgley 7-9 Tanners Hill London SE8 4PJ Agent Reference (if applicable):
OUR CONTACT Adam Flynn Telephone: 020 8921 5090
REGISTERED 04 April 2007
WARD Plumstead REFERENCE 07/0756 /F

Anonymous said...

now i quite like the sound of that a bit of regneration finally hitting the high street (i keep seeing these high street improvement signs and cant see it myself)..a few nice flats and hopefully something other than a cottage chicken, other takeaway or newsagent occupying the retail spaces.

Anonymous said...

what news from plumsteadshire? it's been very quiet round here.

Hugh said...

Is this the grotty pub quite close to the station? If so, I have been wondering how it has been keeping going for quite some time. It reminds me of the (now defunct) Woolwich Infant pub adjacent to the covered market in Woolwich. he kind of place a non - local would only dare to visit accompanied by a Police SWAT team!

Pangloss said...

Yes, this is the pub next to Plumstead Station. Lovely isn't it?

It's next to the Plumstead Radical Club. I'd like to know what a radical club is. I'm sure some lovely listener knows.