Monday, 4 June 2007

Plumstead Common Environment Group

Pangloss : Sirrah. What word from Padua?

Merchant : That the Plumstead Common Environment Group hath energy renew'd and form a gay band once more (unto the breech dear friends).

Pangloss : 'Tis a done deal. Our dearly belov'd common ground of the quare folke, Plum orchards and Polish trolley buses will too be reviv'd. Sheriff Nick Day will see to 't that he and his merry minstrels will do for the Shire endless good.

Merchant : To be sure, the plebians o' the Shire will one day recognise their hard work. Good morrow. [exeunt]

Pangloss : The misfortune o' the common human being is selfishness. The people of the Shire will enjoy the fruits of the PCEG's labour but care not of their toil. I fear that the graft of the PCEG will ne'er see recognition before Halley cometh.

[enter a ghoulish cadaver]

Cadaver : Sire. Hast thou a dividend card?

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am i allowed to be anonymous if I say something nice? said...

Brilliant. More, more!