Sunday, 24 June 2007

Illegal cars

I've been here before. The illegally sold cars on Plumstead Common are back in vast quantities. If Greenwich council weren't patting themselves on the back (and laughing in our faces), for wasting around £100,000 of our money on a bloody box at the O2 O no dome, then they might have some cash and resources to sort this problem out for good.

I'm sick and tired of cars slowing down and stopping in the middle of the road at all times of the day so the drivers can see what dodgy deals can be had with the very dodgy looking salesmen. These blokes make Arthur Daley seem completely charming and professional.

And another thing. The revving engines are pretty annoying too, especially at 10.30 at night when I was actually woken up by a band of dodgy cretins. My advice to the buyer. If the car is so sh*t that you have to rev it so hard, then maybe it's not worth buying?

Oh yes, letters are flying off to Greenwich Council (again), as we speak.

Now, does Ablair sell nice big sledgehammers?


Anonymous said...

On a slightly different annoying car note.

One of the houses in Isla Road contantly has cars arriving, honking their horns and sitting in the street with their engines running.

The other night at 10.30pm we had a Range Rover turn up, it's occupants then decided to turn up the brain dead Hip-Hop, while they all, including the driver quaffed champagne from the bottle.

I watched while they counted huge wads of cash into the cubby hole between the front seats.

I could also clearly see them cutting up lines of cocaine on a small mirror perched on the passenger seat occupant's knee.

I called the Police and reported everything I had seen. They stayed parked for nearly an hour keeping my wife and baby awake, but the Police never arrived.

Well done to the Plumstead rossers, another triumph!

Prof Travers said...

They damn things are everywhere. I've already reported the ones around the common and the used car lot that was once Brewery/Lakedale Road.

The knock-on effect is a parking nightmare all around the common and neighbouring streets as residents are forced to park their cars wherever they can.

I never imagined I would start to think residents parking bays were a good idea.

The council is "not aware of any ongoing problem" but will be sending their "parking enforcement officers round to assess the situation".

Anonymous said...

completely agree on the dodgy cars on plumstead common road. everytime the dodgy blokes arrive, we now stand at the window and ensure they see us, it makes us feel better anyway! the revving up after 10:30pm is extremely annoying, and after several complaints to the council, a response finally saying that it has been referred to the local councillor. the council really do not care. when i spoke to them, they could just say yes we are aware of the ongoing problem, but dont have the resources. its an absolute disgrace

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the "on-street car lot". I live near Brewery Road and there is a line of dented, smoke belching old wrecks for for sale all the way along it. The sellers are getting a little more shrewd though, they seem to alternate which cars are for sale on which day, so although it looks like there are only a dozen of them, take a look the following day and the same cars are there, but a different dozen have the appallingly written For Sale signs up.

The Traffic Wardens can do very little, as most of these cars are legally parked. What is illegal is running a car lot onthe street, which is surely a police matter.

Erik Fuller said...

There's been some odd enforcement measures round us with cars getting clamped even though there's no parking limitations- we think its because they're not taxed rather than 'illegally sold' though.

Anonymous said...

I too hear these cretins, assumingly from Plumstead Common Road, but I hear them revving through Swingate Lane - is it *really* necessary to rev your cars up and down the road at 2300??!

Thankfully, I'm getting out of here and off to Nottinghamshire soon.

Prof Travers said...

Here's something to help... this and print it out. If you're feeling brave get some wallpaper paste and slap one of these on the windscreen. Failing that, stick it under the wipers.

Anonymous said...

We had a car parked outside our house on PCR which was towed on Friday last week and the guy came knocking on our door asking where it had gone yesterday! He was rather unamused as to the answer his car had been towed as it was illegal to sell cars on the road here. The funny thing was he wasn't like all the other dodgy guys who sell the cars along here for a living, just some guy who decided it looked like a good place to sell it - hey ho what a shame...

Does anyone know whether the new sign on the tree is actually a real sign from the Police or a phony one?

Anonymous said...

Had a look today and I'm sure it's a fake. Looks like the same person who's been putting up the laminated PCEG information signs around the Slade, etc.

Good luck to them, though. It appears to be working.

I went armed with some wallpaper paste and some printouts and there were no cars to be seen. Brewery Road tomorrow for me...

Anonymous said...

I really feel for you - dealing with the idiots that have ruined my old home of Plumstead. I grew up on Barnfield Estate (1965-1979) - and had a GREAT childhood there; (try telling that to the poor buggers who live there today and they would think you were making it up!)

Sick of the way Plumstead was changing, I moved out 5 years ago; after living there all my life. I now live in a village in the South Yorkshire countryside and it's like living on a different planet. Everyone knows everyone and there is a real community spirit. (OK they're all Northerners, but there's always a trade off :) *just kidding!!*

I'm one of many people who lived in Plumstead, but found they had to leave because the quality of life was getting worse and worse - like the guy who posted earlier.

The problem is, who are they replacing us with?

Thanks for a SUPERB blog and some great posts and comments from the readers!