Monday, 23 July 2007

Cold custard

I was obviously very focused on work today; it suddenly struck me that I've not eaten a custard tart for a few months. I'd not gone through 'cold custard', or even had a hankering.

My last indulgence was finishing off a Marks and Spencer ECT (Egg Custard Tart to the uninitiated). This M&S brand of ECT was recommended by one lovely listener and it certainly delivered, but I do think the pastry chefs at M&S HQ were trying too hard. I found it was a little too flamboyant for my likings.

The Sainsbury's ECT still wins head and shoulders above the rest. The Waitrose offer was just way off the mark with a kind of wholemeal pastry. I mean, what's all that about? Showboating is just not de rigeur when it comes to such culinary basics.

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