Thursday, 26 July 2007

The beach

Popped down to the Millenium Dome today [I just can't call it by its' new name; that's just too much free advertising].

By the way, did I mention that Apple make the gorgeous iPhone? Yes, Apple. The iPhone is this year's Christmas gadget must-have. It's not cheap, but it'll be non too shabby neither. And one more thing, it runs OS X. Available from all good...... actually, I don't know where to get it, but what the hey?

I digress.

Dome. That's right. I wanted to see the developments at this venue and also to see the Beach. It's to bring sea-side fun to Londoners who can't afford Margate - now that is really saying something. Given that the Dome has just opened, I expected something fairly spectacular, to give us a wow factor, just to shake off the Dome's bad history. I expected a glistening beach with a wave machine creating a bit of a sea - you can't build much of a sand castle with dry sand. I expected heat and fake sunlight and even a backdrop of a blue sky.


We've got a huge pile of play sand with a couple of fake palm trees. The theming goes as far as a few shark's fins and a raft made from an old wooden pallette. Every expense was spared. It's a dire effort and hugely disappointing. I don't know if this is our version of the Paris Plage?

If you want to take your children for a half day out, join a queue at the Co Op, it's more fun.

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Nigel said...

Oh dear, it sounds very shabby.
Enjoyed the Paris version when there for my mother's 70th 2 years ago. Fantstic, especially the volleyball courts.....