Saturday, 4 August 2007

Local stuff

All quiet in da hood. Even pikey car sellers have been quiet. It must be those posters nailed to the trees. A bit of information to tell the greasy tax dodgers what's what; they don't like it up 'em. Having said that, a couple of dodgy cars have turned up, but still nothing like before. Pity really as I was going to buy a sledgehammer in the Ablair summer blue cross sale.

I thought I'd give two mentions to local businesses.

1) The butcher at the Slade. I absolutely love their new shop signage. I don't know how long it's been changed, but it is stunning. Sign-writing is a dying art, taken over by horrible printed vinyl signage, the absolutely worst offenders being kebab shops. The name of the shop is a must, but why oh why do we need a background image of a seeping roll of steaming lamb? I think I saw this abomination along Green Lanes.

So when I get some spare time, I'll pop down to the monastery and get the chaps to knock up a scroll/certificate and present it to the butcher shop for services to the enhancement of Plumsteadshire.

2) I'll not be presenting one of those scrolls to The Ship or SJ's Lounge.

I'm sorry, but SJ's Lounge just says 'porno shop' to me. It's great that they've made the effort, but man alive, I really did think a sex shop had opened in the village. At least we can be grateful that SJ hadn't opted for the printed vinyl 'seeping lamb' shop sign.

As for The Ship, I still cannot bring myself to go in. The whole place just gives off an odour of naffness. The appalling signage, the total disregard for the architectural exterior, the characterless interior. The Peter Stringfellow school of thinking, but done really badly.

I'll have to photograph the butcher shop and post it here, just to make myself feel better.


Prof Travers said...

SJ's Lounge? Where and what is that? I must be going around with my eyes closed.

Pangloss said...

It's next to Robinson Jackson estate agent, or across the road from David Evans, another estate agent, or opposite Goodwin Ellis, yet another estate agent.

Prof Travers said... becomes clear now. By that point I'm usually coming downstairs on the bus.I have no reason to venture down there normally as I'm not currently looking to sell or buy a house.

Anonymous said...

What is SJ's Lounge???? What have I missed, I drove down there twice yesterday!.
The Ship seems to have a private party every weekend are they allowed to do this? Surely that is not operating as a pub if you can be closed each week? Also when they are closed for private do's they never seem to have anyone in there. Very odd.
I can't believe there are still empty shops on the estate agent parade..

Knit Nurse said...

I think we need pictures of both of them. And a close up of the seeping lamb roll. The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

SJ's Lounge is just another barbers.....

Anonymous said...

Regarding THE SHIP pub:

I know the owner of the ship pub and his name is Prakash Patel who lives at 17 griffin road. I was his best mate from the age of 5 to about 20. The guy is a complete twat. He was crap with the ladies, couldnt handle his drink or smoke and chances are his probably getting upto some dodgy stuff. I now am an architect and i can imagine his taste is styling the pub, lol....but i can bet its very tacky and he probably got his brothers to do the decorating.

Now i hear that on Friday nights the pub is mysteriously locked up and no one knows whats going on inside. I can bet my last pound that drugs are involved.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 'The Ship' - I was VERY dissappointed when it was clear that it was going to be another 'boozer' (not what we need in the area). They owners had thier request for a members' club licence turned down at the planning stage by an overwhelming majority and a huge petition from locals, so I bet that the 'private parties' are thier way of getting around that. Let's hope it get's closed down VERY soon. There is a distinct whiff of dodginess about the place - just rotten...!

PS Sineage on the butchers at the Slade - just fab!

Anonymous said...

The Ship
closed down? one can only wish
in fact they have applied for revisions to the licence which include serving alcohol and dancing until 1.45 at the weekend, and erecting some kind of weird fence around the paved area outside and using this as a space for outside drinking etc.

Time to get writing those letters all over again