Saturday, 4 August 2007

useless knowledge

Whilst being stuck on the M25 today, I stared into deep space and thought, 'I wonder how I can roll up a frying pan?'

Well now I know.


Hugh said...

Come on then - tell us how you did it! You could become a disciple of BlendTec and their "will it blend?" videos on YouTube.

Pangloss said...

BlendTec. Sounds like my kinda thing.

I must confess, I didn't do this. I would've broken my fingers on my Le Creuset pan. I hired a hand model for this 'promo shot'.

Click on the link below the promo shot and all will be revealed.

PS Don't try this at home kids.

AppleRed said...

I noticed this guy wasn't wearing a wedding ring ..... not that I made a point of looking of course.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm pan rolling sounded like a high octane sport until i saw the vid clip now i realise it was an Aldi pan the type that has the non stick coating thats only any good as long as you dont cook with it, still its gonna make a great door stop or even a rounders bat,
lets met on the common for midnight rounders, bricks for balls and illegally sold cars for boundaries

da'A'da'N'da'D'da'Y' said...

Hello great clip i know a guy who can bend spoons just by looking at them, well i say i know him but i dont really hes a celebrity you see and i am just a humble working class man,have you seen the e-petition yet?? has it been tried before?? am i wasting my time ??