Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Links recycling centre

A quick one.

We know there's been some ransacking from the recycling bins opposite the Co Op on Plumstead Common Road, but has anyone seen it happen? If so, when has this unofficial recyclefest happened? Is it a regular occurrence? Why not cut to the chase and tell me who's taking this stuff and leaving a pile of mess around the bins.

Do tell. This information (believe it or not), is going to be useful.


RightOnTheCommon said...

I live right opposite the offending bins and I've seen quite a few people pulling up and having a good rumble through the pink bin then pulling something out and put it in their car!

I have seen some gypsy types, coming up in the mornings and having a route through the bin too. But I must admit I missed the big mess that was created last week. I mean I've seen people in the bins up, sometimes up to their waist or even funnier, with just their feet up in the air (this was in the dark!)

I was outside this afternoon and Nick Day came over and asked if I'd seen any of the offending people, but I couldn't be of any help.

I will try and keep a look out and see if there is a pattern to their visits.

Isn't it wonderful when your local surroundings suddenly start to bloom and makes the whole place look so inviting. Especially when the sun comes out...then you watch some child pulling up the daffodils with its mother standing by watching, letting her do it! Wonderful. They're not going to last long then!

Can't wait for abusive responses!


Doctor Pangloss said...

Rightonthecommon, thanks for this, what you say does actually correlate with reports from another lovely listener.

Nick, if I find out any more then I'll let you know. I hope you had a fruitful meeting today.

Anonymous said...

romanian gypsies who are living further down are at them, i've seen them on several occassions, they had a dvd under their arm at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

A dvd player?

I'm getting myself down there to see what I can find.

Anonymous said...

gypsies were pushing an airchair down the street on saturday and had a television in their pram, they get all the good stuff!

Dimps said...

I'm a bit confused: You don't want your old tat anymore, so you put it in the recycling bins. So what if someone else can make use of it? That's recycling surely. No different from Freecycle, only without the internet bit. So long as they don't make a mess, or dump unwanted items irresponsibly... After all, I don't recall complaints against people who rummaged through the dump - in fact, I do recall newspaper and TV reports where they were lauded as eccentric but worthy types.

Doctor Pangloss said...

I don't have an issue with recycling, but I do have a big issue with the utter mess that's left around on the paving.

Carl00711 said...

It's the same down at the Shelter shop down "Plumstead Bottom" (Brewery Road), the Romanians (at least I think they are Romanian) appear every Saturday and Sunday, rip open all the bags of stuff left for the charity shop, take all the good stuff and leave everything else strewn across the pavement.