Sunday, 13 April 2008

utter rubbish

A lovely listener has sent in some photos of the recycling centre opposite the Links Co Op. What a mess. In fact, you can almost hear the passing chap shaking his head and tutting as he looks on disapprovingly.

If people want to help themselves to a backless Balenciaga, then do it with some respect. Want a free transistor radio? Well, close the door after you've browsed, I mean were you born in a barn?

I guess this all falls on deaf ears as I doubt the self absorbed knuckle dragging numb skulls who create this mess only read (that's if they can read), blogs like So who (quite literally), picks up the pieces? The council. And who's going to pay for this? Us.

There is something quite satisfying about bring back the stocks.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Pangloss and everyone else.
This is a bit 'off topic', but two things...

1. i have noticed bin bags, many with food etc, being dumped on the common. inevitably foxes tear them open, and old food, kitchen rubbish, etc are sprawled around our beautiful common. This obviously attracts other vermin, like rats! If you see any dumped rubbish, please call Clean Sweep. If one were brave enough, we'd approach this dastardly people and tell them were to stick their rubbish!

2. a group of (very lovely and diligent!) PCEG members ( have started a large project of painting the fence around the Slade pond. We made a good start yesterday (Sunday), but the job will take a few weeks to finish (there's a lot of fence!). A schedule of dates will be circulated soon, and these are likely to be on Saturdays or Sundays from around 11am. For locals who care about the area and want to help out, we would love to see you there. More info to follow soon.
Dr G.P.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc,

I am a loyal listener to your blog and think your stunning art-house pictures of the filth outside the Co-Op really 'set the scene' for visitors to The Shire.

Wonderful images, which really capture the essence of Plumstead.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Oh thanks. I wish I could take credit these photos.

Of course, I could take thousands of photos to show off how lovely Plumstead Common is, but that wouldn't give people anything to moan about would it?

Anonymous said...

Went past yesterday. All looking very tidy. Council or concientious local?

RightOnTheCommon said...

I've been watching the bins...LOL! And there appears to be a yellow van that stops and empties the pink "small appliances" bin of its contents then drives off - this isn't a Council van but one of those "we'll collect your rubbish" type vans. I've noticed it twice now, and they're very quick and agile!

Also, as a family of 5 we produce an awful lot of recycling and our blue bin is full almost as soon as they collect it...well what a surprise we had this morning, when my husband went out to add to the already full bin in preparation for the collection, he discovered that our bin was empty.

Maybe they'd been already he said - no way, they don't get here until around 10 - 11am at the earliest. Someone has nicked our rubbish! Now you probably think, daft woman they probably came early - but NO they hadn't as I filled up the bin again, with the 3 bags I had in the house, took my daughter to school and when I returned the bin was in the street and it was empty.

Spoke with our lovely local police and they have told me that once I have thrown out my rubbish, it doesn't belong to anyone so it is not theft (I wasn't trying to make a claim against theft!).

I was a bit concerned as it may contain junk mail which contained our names and address - not that they could do much with that!

Whilst I'm on, my brother in law works for a company that deals with recycling all goods, and has said that there are people who travel to and from areas like opposite the co-op and collect the stuff to batch up into tonne bales and get £600 for it. This would answer why when I was having a loft clear out the other weekend and taking over bags of clothes to the bin (which was full), and I had to leave the bags on the floor - when I came back an hour later to add to the pile - every single bag and peice of clothing that was there previously had been taken! I def weasn't picked up as it was the bank holiday weekend!

Anyway enough waffling, at least we now know that the people who are lifting the stuff from the pink bin and the clothes bin are making a few quid down at the local recycling centre!