Friday, 23 May 2008


My Treadstone ops have worked through the night on this ad.


GMVP said...

Will definitely go to the jazz... there's culture yet in the shire.

Also, Dr Pangloss, sorry to use your space here... but please can you publicize the following message regarding the fence painting project down at the Slade Ponds. We really need volunteers this weekend. Thanks!


We urgently need volunteers for another (hopefully final) push to get the Slade Ponds fence painting project finished.

We are holding an additional fence painting session tomorrow - Saturday, 23 May - at 11am. Please bring family, friends, and even strangers who fancy helping!
You need only come for as long as you can stay...1/2 hour...1 hour...2 hours..

A little over half the fence panels have been completed, with the hard work of several volunteers, including 3 or 4 committed volunteers who have come every Sunday for the past several weeks.

If you've walked by the area you'll see how smart the painted sections look (and how shabby the unfinished sections are!).

If you can't make it tomorrow (Saturday) we will also arrange for paint and supplies to be available on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Come along, spread the word, and help make our shire more beautiful.

See you there.

GMVP said...

SORRY tomorrow is the 24th not the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Events people of Greenwich Rugby Club...please post some leaflets through our doors otherwise we dont get to hear about these things!

GMVP said...

jazz was fab; esp. the first pair! more of that please.