Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Quick ones

Just to pick up on a couple of topics which may get lost in the comments from the lovely listeners.

Good dentists.
I use the Slade Dental Practice on Garland Road. Surinder is a really nice fellow. Always has a smile on his face whilst drilling & filling.

Good evening.
The next comedy night is on Sunday 18th May. That is this coming Sunday. The comedy is hot and the beer is cool, so what better way to cheer yourself up after burning yourself to a crisp whilst falling asleep on the sun lounger?
Either email at comedyonthecommon@ntlworld.com
phone after midday on 07860 609796


Anonymous said...

I have just looked at the CVs of the four artists booked for the show and at least one of them, Ronnie Golden, is first division. And the others look good. And all this on our doorsteps for £7 is great! The show does not kick off until 8-8.30. But if people do not make the effort to attend this attraction will vanish as it must cost a lot to stage and last time I went it was only half full with rugby club diehards

Anonymous said...

How do you know who's appearing ?

Anonymous said...

In response to the posting about how I know who is on the bill I got an email advertising the names of the artists, & I got a flyer pushed through my door with the same details I checked the names and CVs on the following website:www.comedycv.co.uk.

Anonymous said...

Went to the comedy evening on 18 May and had a great time, some fist class acts, highly recommended. One minor issues compere did not start until 8.40, the first act at about 9, this is a little late. Attendance could still be higher. Good bottled bitter at the bar - Abbotts.

Anonymous said...

I also attended the comedy evening. I thought the acts were very good. However, I found the late start a put off and to be honest the thought of the Monday morning battle to arrive for work on time, soon pushed the thought of attending another Sunday night comedy evening out of my head.
Sorry :[

Anonymous said...

great night was had at the comedy night, great to have this on our doorstep and a stones throw away to walk home, great line up, will definitely be attending again.

Anonymous said...

right i am going to go next time. Anyone know when the next event is. Perhaps the organisers would pull the start time back to 7pm, which then doesn't make it such a late night. Although can't say that bothers me too much and am regularly traipsing to work with a hangover...
Ventured into the new Co-op t'other day and was pleasantly surprised by it.

Anonymous said...

This is turning into a regular rugby players forum. Doesn't take much to work out. The grammar is appalling.
By the way, Up the Creek only charge £5.00, with a disco thrown in for

Anonymous said...

Up the Creek is actually a fiver on sundays...no disco.On the Common is I presume within walking distance so no travel expense...plus drinks are much cheaper.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Turning into a rugby player's forum?

Praising Up The Creek and stamping on the valiant efforts of our local entrepreneurs?

Criticising the grammar of rugby players?

That's not our very own Victor Meldrew is it?

Anonymous said...


Rich Hall is sooperdooper division.


A mere £5 or £3 concessions.

And whilst booking is encouraged you will always find some tickets left on the door if you ask nicely.

Recent artists include Russell Brand and Mark Thomas and the wonderful guest house band ....The Puppini Sisters.

Drinks may be cheaper at the rugby club and it may be on Plumstead Common, but I always find in life, you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

you spend your time trying to improve plumstead and yet there is always one who moans...Who cares about the grammar? Am sure they've mostly got private educations and well paid jobs with salaries that don't fluctuate if their spelling is not up to scratch....stop being such a leftie.
Go to Greenwich, watch the comedy there and don't come back.
Good on the rugby club for at least putting on some events. Now if they would just open their doors and serve a Sunday lunch or pop some pasta in the pot I would be even happier.
It also wasn't just rugby members at the comedy night and even if it was, what would be the problem? Are you full of sporting prejudice because you can't catch a ball?

Anonymous said...

When is the next comedy night? I'm meant to be on a mailing list but haven't seen anything.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with rugby players as far as I'm concerned. Specially not the tall, dark haired one with the goatee beard. Walked past the common on a Saturday a few times and seen him playing. If he's at the Comedy thing.... I'll definately be there !

Rossyboy said...

Very easy to slate us rugby players from the comfort of your own keyboard isn't it?!

With regards to the late start, as the event is still in it's infancy there are obviously going to be some teething problems as we try to get the attendance up and the event advertised properly. But we're endevouring to make the 8.30 start time as much as possible.

The last one we put on (29th June) was a huge success with the club almost full and the acts superb, it was a great way to spend a sunday evening.

And as a closing point, we're trying to put on events that are mutually beneficial to the club and community (with a very limited budget), so if you're not going to get behind us then don't waste your energy sniping at us.

PS. Another way to get on the mailing list is to join the Greenwich Rugby Football Club group on Facebook. I try to keep it updated as often as possible.