Monday, 8 December 2008

Comedy Saturday

I hardly have time to catch my breath from last Friday's brilliant jazz night that I have to prepare for this Saturday's Comedy on the Common extravaganza.

This time ladies and gentlemen, it's a bigger, bolder, bulging pre-Christmas night of comedy. My spies tell me that disco fever will be keeping us on our toes after the comedy, so I'll have to dig out the white flares and cuban heels for the occasion.

I've been to four Comedy on the Common nights and have been very impressed; really funny comedians apart from one who was SO risqué that I laughed but knew I really shouldn't.

Let's get together and support these live events. We are at the very beginning of a cultural life that Battersea, Clapham, Bow and Camden take for granted. The organisers work really hard to get great professional acts to perform on our doorsteps and if they feel you're not interested, then you can wave bye bye to these events.

Comedy. Saturday 13th December. Doors open 7pm

email for more info.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to make the rugby pavilion look more open? at last week's jazz night it was very difficult to tell whether one was actually in the right place. I know it's cold, but keeping the door open, would have helped. or maybe it's possible for a window or two to be unblocked in the front? that might make the place look more open, alive and welcoming.
oooh and maybe a fresh lick of paint, or doing something to make the place look a little more approachable?

for those who haven't been yet, the rugby pavilion is actually very cosy INSIDE, has a nice atmosphere and friendly, welcoming staff.

the jazz and the comedy are a fabulous thing for plumstead. so everyone, get yourselves there!

Doctor Pangloss said...

Yes, the phrase 'don't judge a sausage by its' skin' comes to mind.

No, hang on. how about 'don't judge a book by its' cover'? That sounds better.

Anyway, you're right, the pavilion lacks visual appeal and as you point out it lacks visibility on event nights, but painting and creating windows (and advertising), would be cost prohibitive at this stage.

For now, we need to get the message across to many more lovely listeners that there is entertainment on our doorsteps and it is actually high quality too. I have a feeling that people think that it's only Plumstead, so it's bound to be rubbish.

Well, I saw Harry Hill at a working man's club just before he became famous.

Marta Rabikowska said...

The jazz night was really great, I am thinking it would be good to show a film there too and have some pleasure from the visual engagement for a change. There is aprojector there and a nice screen, I wonder whom I should ask abiut it, do you know?

Doctor Pangloss said...

Very odd that you should mention this about films because I chatted to Nick at the rugby club about starting a film society. As you mention, the facilities are there.

When I get some spare time, I'm going to look into it. I've wanted to run one for years.

Anonymous said...

would be great if rugby comedy lot and cafe jazz joined forces, with film enthusiasts and all sorts. this is all great stuff people. get it going. get involved. let's make something happen here in plumstead!