Friday, 12 December 2008

I had actually completely forgotten about Project X, codenamed Blackbriar; the design of a full Plumsteadshire website. This blog (codenamed Richard Briers), is OK, but has many limitations. I think I should run both side by side.

I'm am (slowly), collating useful local info but so far it mainly revolves around children's facilities. Note to Greenwich Council - the swing parks in Bexley Borough are far superior to all but the one in Greenwich Park. Shame on you.

I'm slightly dubious about including a section for 'recommended trades people'. It's definitely useful but I'll then be receiving emails from people who recommend themselves but signing 'anon'. Something which is certain is that I won't have adverts on my site. Banners and pop-up ads are such a turn off which is why I don't include them here. The focus must be on the Shire, to be an asset to the community and a vehicle for me to celebrate trivia, useless knowledge and custard tarts.

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Anonymous said...

I think a website that celebrates the good land of Plumstead would be a good idea. When I moved here a year ago I spent a lot of time on the web and speaking to people trying to find good tradesmen (difficult I know to ascertain if they are recommending themselves but the ones I ended using were all excellent and all recommendations) and find out general info so as not to waste my time - like which are the good takeaways, butchers etc and where do people eat/drink locally.
I found playgroups, a hairdresser, an electrician etc this way and also useful bits about the local area - like the animals in Charlton, Elthams food market and the lake in Danson Park...
It would be great to give this some publicity and get people to participate.