Sunday, 17 May 2009

Plumstead Live!

Apparently, there's a live event coming our way in the guise of Plumstead Live! Music Festival. I've held back from mentioning this so far as I'm seeking confirmation that this is a genuine event.

If it's kosher then we should all get really excited about it. There's mention of :-
Plumstead Sinfonia - never knew there was one
Plumstead Manor Musicians - these are real human beings and they definitely exist
The Bill Mudge Quintet - Google (and other well known search engines), confirm that BMQ are real, but I couldn't find Plumstead Live! on their tour schedule.

So, is this a red herring? Maybe Greenwich Council smoke and mirrors to 'bury bad news'?

Is such an event too good to be true? Gadzooks!!!! I hope not.


Nick Day said...

It's definitely for real. The poster you have up there is a draft that wasn't ready for public domain and the URL doesn't work yet cos that has only just been bought - but it WILL work just as soon as I have uploaded the content.
Come now Plumsteadshire, do you think we'd tell porkies about such an exciting event for Plumstead?

Anonymous said...

I popped along to the event on Winns Common the other day and there was a great group (well one boy and his friend) playing on the stage. For the life of me I cannot remember their name (Steve Davies or something)?? Anyway they were fantastic, so hope someone with a better memory than I has been in touch with them and they will be playing..
When is the fest? Shall I dig out the wellies and blanket?

Doctor Pangloss said...

Steve Davis playing in a band. Now there's a thought. As he's a local hero maybe Steve has hung up his cue and returned to his homeland.

After being a top player in World snooker, he's taking it easy with a banjo and strummin' blue grass tunes on his Griffin Road verandah.

Nick Day said...

David Simon?
David WILL be playing at "Plumstead Live!"

as will some other brilliant (all local!) musicians.

Anonymous said...

BMQ are real! ...and excited about playing at the Plumsted Live event this year!

Details of the band can be found here...

Nick Day said...

Hello again
Oh dear, it seems that Greenwich Council are held in such low esteem that anything with their log on it is instantly damnable! I see excellent blogger 853 is already dissing the event and claiming there is a mistake on the poster - which there is NOT.
The event is originated and organised by volunteers from the Plumstead Common Environment Group. The council have provided funding for it from cultural budget. It will most certainly take place and its details can be found at