Friday, 17 April 2009

La Plumsteadshire Biennale

Lorks a lordy. The Shire is slowly becoming the hub of entertainment.

Tonight is the latest One Day Café event. Die Plumsteadshire Festspielhaus (better known as The Pavilion, better known as the rugby club building opposite The Old Mill pub), is hosting a free evening of music and stuff. Doors open at 7pm on the dot.

This Saturday night is the next Comedy On The Common event. As I've reported on many occasions, the Comedy On The Common nights make for a brilliant evening out and it's right here (wouldn't mean much to my lovely listeners in Caracas though).

And to close the 09 Plumsteadshire Biennale we have another Comedy On The Common event. It's the evening of Sunday 26th April at Die Plumsteadshire Festspielhaus.


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Anonymous said...

I had a leaflet through my door yesterday about some get together on Winns Common this Saturday. Anyway it all looks very exciting but I could have done with more than 4 days notice as I am usually busy for forthcoming weekends. I have though jiggled some plans and am going to attend. Better advertising and promotions wouldnt have gone amiss though.
Now where is this One Day Cafe that I thought was going to appear on the Common as a permanent venture according to an old strand I was reading?