Monday, 6 April 2009

Barking mad 1

I could just about tolerate noises of the boys next door running around the house past 11pm. Completely unacceptable really but I tell myself that at least it doesn't happen on a school night, just to make myself feel better. (God knows what it's going to be like in the school holidays).

I could just about tolerate God knows whatever music they're playing. Acceptable really, but I'd rather be able to rest in the garden without the awful racket.

I could just about tolerate the Staffs barking. Completely unacceptable as it would be for hours and hours on end, but they were in the house and thus I was afforded a little sound baffling.

Now the dogs are left out in the garden and bark all day long. Toddler Pangloss couldn't have his afternoon nap because of it. We couldn't leave our windows open because of it. This lasted from midday until 9pm. As far as I'm concerned it's not the dog's fault; they just want to be with people.

Having come home from work, I went round and spoke to one of the Staff neighbours who was very apologetic and said they'll see to it.... You know when you speak to someone, they reply but you can see in their eyes that there is no meaning behind their words. Well, we'll see if the dogs bark for another 9 hour stint tomorrow.

Bring me a shotgun.


Plummy Mummy said...

I feel for you and yours ....very frustrating not being able to relax in your own home.
Any chance of you piping the noise of your toddler's cries as he cannot sleep straight into your nightmare neighbours' house - giving them some of their own medicine.
Or perhaps chucking some steaks with sleeping pills over your garden fence for the dogs to chew on?

Planet Plumstead said...

Neighbour noise is unbearable. My daughter has had to let out the flat she is buying in Belvedere and rent another place in Plumstead. This is because of the intolerable noise levels - music, ASB, fighting, dogs, drugs etc at all hours of the day and night. This is not some awful run down estate but a decent block of flats in a seemingly good, residential area. Naturally her tenants last about six months and then move on because they can't stand it either. As a single woman living on her own she doesn't feel safe there and it was not exactly the home buying experience she'd hoped for. Bexley Council were useless at dealing with the problem and she now has a Council noise complaint record, which will go against here if she wants to sell the flat in the future. Clean, honest living doesn't pay these days.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you contact Greenwich Councils Noise team on 020 8921 8921 and report the noise nuisance caused by the dogs?