Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dangerous dogs

I am absolutely not anti-dog, but I am absolutely against irresponsible dog owners - they need muzzling and then some.

One lovely listener has posted their account of a recent horrible dog incident. Read on and please be pro-active.

Anonymous wrote:-
I had an alarming incident on the Common yesterday evening, round 6.30. Two staff/pit bull-terrier-type dogs, medium tan colour, where off leads near the pond. They came bounding up the steps toward me and my small fluffy dog. The dogs' owners were no where to be seen. I was lucky enough to be able to ward the dogs off with a strong "NO" while at the same time picking up my small fluffy friend and racing up the stairs to get away. I had terrible fears of the two dogs attacking me from behind, which happened only a few months ago to a local resident at the top of Roydene Road.

You MUST be in control of your dogs, at ALL times, especially if your dog is classified as "dangerous". (pit bulls and pit bull crosses are dangerous and ILLEGAL - why are they still around everywhere!?)

For those out there who have had or are having threatening experiences with dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners.. PLEASE be sure to REPORT this to the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT): 020 8721 2638 or 07920 0233825
If you don't get answer, leave a message with details of incident. If it is an emergency situation, of course the police are the first port of call.

I just had a long and heartening conversation with the SNT, who took my report of the above incident very seriously and in a lot of detail. The only way they, the dog warden and/or the police can do anything about this problem is if people report such incidents. It is also useful to try to provide any possible information regarding the dog owner(s), including where they might live. This assists the SNT and their colleagues in actually following up and doing something about the problem.

Plumstead Common is a beautiful place, but unfortunately some unpleasant and irresponsible people have the capacity to ruin things for the rest of us. Please help make things better for everyone by being a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER and also REPORTING those who are not.

Thanks for listening.

Dear Anonymous, thanks for this account and useful phone numbers. I hope you and your dog are OK. And before we get the ooh-Plumstead-is-such-a-hell-hole comments, stories like this crop up all over the country.

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Anonymous said...

I find most dog owners around Plumstead to be friendly and responsible, but there is that 10-20% who spoil it for everyone else, with dogs who match their owners confrontational attitudes.

I have a two-year old son, and that obviously affects how i see dogs - especially as i live at the pond end of Roydene Road, where the lady was attacked by dogs whilst pushing her young son in a pushchair.

A lot of people use the pond as a dog walking spot, and you have to be careful sometimes, as you can't always see a dog that's about to race around a corner.

I can't remember what time of day it was, but around some time last week, i too saw two pitbull/staff's off their leads, and chasing each other, or some thing (animal?), at great speed, from the pond and down Roydene Road. I briefly saw the hooded owner, before he disappeared sharpish, and was nowhere to be seen. The dogs quickly evaporated too, but i didn't hear the owner call to them at any point.

My son was outside with me, but fortunately we were on the opposite side of the road. Had we not been, the dogs would have easily floored him, and that scares the willy's out of me.

I now always carry my son if i see a dog that looks likely to approach at speed. I shouldn't have to do that.

We also have a cat, and i've lost count of how many times an owner has gleefully allowed their dog to strain at the lead, growling and snapping, while the owner is laughing and saying things like: 'yeah, go on Buster, get him!'. And that's when i've been stood there!

The dog poo situation also drives me up the wall. Walking around Plumstead is like an assault course sometimes. I can't believe how many people don't clean up after their dogs - it's not difficult.

The worst is when someone has already trodden in a deposit, or ridden a bike through it, so you not only have to dodge the original mountain, but have also to navigate your way through a map of 'tracks'

The Common itself can be really bad, as you can't always see what's in the grass.

I could go on for hours about the various dog-related incidents i've witnessed in Plumstead, but then, as Dr. Pangloss says, it's not only a local problem.

I will definately contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team if i see anything.

Sorry about your neighbours Dr.P