Tuesday, 3 March 2009

On a wing and a prayer

I notice that a travel agent is opening up shop along Plumstead Common Road. My spies also tell me that it is a Christian travel agent; I've never heard of those before. I don't know what sets it apart from a secular travel agent. Will they not book flights for atheists?

I get the concept of Christian bookshops but may have to pop into the travel agent and see how they differ from Thomas Cook or Wellers.


Plummy Mummy said...

Think it means they organise holidays with a christian theme (pilgrimages etc).
Wonder if they are in any way related to the christian bookshop.
What next? Christian coffee shop. Well any coffee shop would be welcome (as long as we can keep the asbo-types out that is)

Anonymous said...

Watch out. Maybe ONE DAY there will be a CAFE. wink!

Anonymous said...

Yes but the One Day Cafe is not a permanent fixture and it is not necessarily that local residents want a cafe that is themed around music etc. What I understand from speaking to local residents be they home-workers, Mums & Dads, teachers and all residents at weekends/evenings is a place to go be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks that offers a range of options to clientele in a comfortable surroundings. People are always complaining that there is nothing here and for the size of the area i am surprised it has nothing more to offer. I am very pleased that the Christians have money to go on holiday at the moment, but those of us who dont would like to see various premises being turned into something that would benefit a wider part of the community. Yes Woolwich is being regenerated, but that is still a bus/train ride away and if i am not going to be able to get anywhere on foot i would rather go to Greenwich or Blackheath or Eltham.
I saw someone in the post office the other day (the closed down one not the one that is open, that wouldnt be a surprise would it)..anyone know what that might be turning into (A Christian bathshop no doubt).

Anonymous said...

The One Day Cafe is not just about music. WHEN it takes off it will actually be a cafe, where you can get actual food and drink, a place to meet up in a pleasant environment. The creative and community side is a way of serving the community in a number of ways.. to add to the organised sports (rugby and football) that already happen on plumstead and winns commons.

Anonymous said...

oh, and forgot to say. the one day cafe WILL be a permanent fixture!

Anonymous said...

Marvellous, please could you hurry up and open because I am thirsty and hungry...

weeg said...

free event

7.30pm, Friday, 17 Apr 09

Featuring: “Spirit of Play”
plus support from local talent

Greenwich Rugby Club Pavilion
Plumstead Common

This is a *free* fund raising event. Please donate generously on the night. There is a cash bar as usual.

Families welcome. Doors open at 7pm.

Visit: www.onedaycafe.org.uk for more info.

Shoel said...

If you like the idea of a first community cafe and arts centre in Plumstead Common, you can now take action and support it by signing the One Day Cafe's petition online. This is about demonstrating local interest and support, so do please show that Plumstead wants this!