Saturday, 28 March 2009

Scourge of society

Before I mark my return with a review of my latest custard tart tasting, I really need some advice.

Not being a dog owner, I'd just like to know what the acceptable time limit is on leaving your beloved pet to bark. The knuckle-draggers who've moved in next door seem quite happy to leave their Staffs to bark for over 4hours. This evening the poor mutts have been barking away for at least 2hours, but as I only arrived back home two hours ago, it could've been all day. The dog must be hoarse by now.

I thought the neighbours must be out drinking White Lightning at The Ship, but the soap-dodgers are actually in, although choosing to ignore the dogs.

On the subject of the biggest mistake in the history of Plumstead Common AKA The Ship, given that this is a conservation area, are there no rules as to how many adverts you can put up on the building exterior? Cheap beer and satellite sports. Errr, yeh mate I fink I get der message. The Ship is so tasteless it makes me physically sick.

In some ways, this would be so much more preferable.


dog lover said...

call the dog warden, or the rspca. if you suspect the animals are being mistreated/neglected and/or your life is being negatively impacted upon, you need to do something about it. too many people round here have staffs (and other 'tough' dogs) for the wrong reasons and don't treat these animals well. it is unfair to the dogs, and to those of us who have to put up with the behaviour of these terrible dog owners.

Rachel said...

I would complain to the council. They obviously are living in a non mortgaged property. I had the same kind of problem when I lived in Chestnut Rise. I called the estate agents who managed the house next door, and told them if they didn't have a word about the noise levels in there I would personally remove their stereo myself.But when it came to the girl opposite and her constant use of expletives in the road outside her house, believe me the language was disgusting, as was her behaviour, the council, who owned the property told me to write to the appropriate person.
Anyway it didn't matter , by the time I was half way through the letter she was last seen in the back of a police car!
Apart from that there is the issue of the dogs welfare. If these so called human beings can leave animals outside barking for who knows how long, they should be reported to the RSPCA ASAP!

Plummy Mummy said...

I wonder if we are hearing the same dog. Every evening, there is a dog that yaps and yaps and yaps and yaps. And there is nothing we can do as we aren't sure where the sounds comes from. Luckily, the layout of our house means we don't hear the mutt in the bedroom.

Anyway, here is the council link for you. I'm sure you would find it yourself, but I fear Dr P that your nerves may be too frazzled and you will be unable to do the search.

As for McD on the corner. No no no. At least you can ignore the Ship (I have a blind spot to it. I literally don't see it as I walk along!).

Plummy Mummy said...
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Anonymous said...

I have reported this to the council yet again today, and also have contacted the RSPCA, these poor animals should not be locked up all day and mistreated like this, and you should not have to listen to it either. hopefully something might get done about it this time.

Anonymous said...

I had an alarming incident on the Common yesterday evening, round 6.30. Two staff/pit bull-terrier-type dogs, medium tan colour, where off leads near the pond. They came bounding up the steps toward me and my small fluffy dog. The dogs' owners were no where to be seen. I was lucky enough to be able to ward the dogs off with a strong "NO" while at the same time picking up my small fluffy friend and racing up the stairs to get away. I had terrible fears of the two dogs attacking me from behind, which happened only a few months ago to a local resident at the top of Roydene Road.

You MUST be in control of your dogs, at ALL times, especially if your dog is classified as "dangerous". (pit bulls and pit bull crosses are dangerous and ILLEGAL - why are they still around everywhere!?)

For those out there who have had or are having threatening experiences with dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners.. PLEASE be sure to REPORT this to the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT): 020 8721 2638 or 07920 0233825
If you don't get answer, leave a message with details of incident. If it is an emergency situation, of course the police are the first port of call.

I just had a long and heartening conversation with the SNT, who took my report of the above incident very seriously and in a lot of detail. The only way they, the dog warden and/or the police can do anything about this problem is if people report such incidents. It is also useful to try to provide any possible information regarding the dog owner(s), including where they might live. This assists the SNT and their colleagues in actually following up and doing something about the problem.

Plumstead Common is a beautiful place, but unfortunately some unpleasant and irresponsible people have the capacity to ruin things for the rest of us. Please help make things better for everyone by being a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER and also REPORTING those who are not.

Thanks for listening.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Dear anonymous. This is really interesting and I'll repost it in the main blog just to make sure the lovely listeners will read it.

Thanks alot,
Doctor Pangloss

Anonymous said...

My neighbour but one has a Great Dane who has little "chats" with the Irish wolfhound, whose garden backs on to his. While this does not happen often, the noise those two can generate is quite something.

I don't actually mind this, they just doing what dogs do; protecting thier territory.

The two Staffies that live next to Dr.P sound like they are lonely, they just want a bit of fuss. It doesn't do the dog any harm to be left outside, they can survive very easily, they are tougher than cats and they choose to be outside most of the time (mine do anyway).

If it is the incessant barking that is driving you nuts, I think Noise Abatement are the people to speak to.

Will said...

Regarding the cheap beer advertised on sale at The Ship, I seem to remember a condition of their license being granted was no cheap booze?

Anonymous said...

Let us all know what their address is and we will ALL report them to the RSPCA. Our beloved dog passed away last year, we would love to have another one but won't as it would be irresponsible as we work in West London. It's not the poor doggies fault. Why oh why do so many pikey people in SE18 have staffies?!?!
Re The Ship, judging by the people who respond to your blog, it's a pity there isn't somewhere decent to drink / eat in Plumstead. We tend to stay around the area where we work to socialise / eat out i.e. W1. Shame no-one has tapped into the cultured / gainfully employed people in our area. Seems we are all cutting a path to Blackheath / the City / West London to spend our money.