Friday, 12 June 2009

Catch That Train

My post bag has been bulging this week with requests for information about a train I recently mentioned. That being the one near Falconwood.

Well, it sounds like a bit of an unknown gem in these here parts o' the shire.

The train is run by the Welling & District M.E.S. (model engineering society to us common folk), and it sounds like they'll be evicted from the Falconwood site next year. Boo. Here are the open days:-

14th & 28th June 2009
12th & 26th July 2009
9th & 23rd August 2009
6th & 20th September 2009
4th October 2009

They aren't open the public apart from these dates, so do go along sooner rather than later as you know you'll just keep saying 'ah, I'll go next fortnight', and so on and so on until it's 5th October and that's it. Gone forever.

On these days, they open between 2pm - 5pm. Last orders at 4.30pm.

Here's a funny new-fangled map to locate the train.

View Welling & District M.E.S. in a larger map


jennidots said...

After your chat with the other half we hope to go before the demise of this.

Anonymous said...

just so you guys know they are running this year every other week starting on the 25/04/10.

eve said...

can anyone tell me if they are returning to falconwood this year

Doctor Pangloss said...


They certainly are. Have a look at their website.

Apart from Osama Bin Laden having a secret bunker 20feet under The Koffi Pot, The Welling Steam Railway is Welling's greatest unknown gem.

eve said...

A big Thank you to Doctor Pangloss. Myself and my whole family are really pleased the trains are returning. A great afternoon out - especially for the children. A bit concerned they may be evicted again! Hope this doesn't happen. Thanks again.

eve said...

P.S. Absolutely agree - it is Welling's unknown gem. Long may it sparkle!