Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Share and share alike

When my close personal aides, Margaret and Nick are out of the country, I seek advice from a friend. He is a marketing genius, he is a man who fights fire with fire, he sees lights turn on before the switch has flicked, he wears the same watch as Steve Wozniak, he is The Stig of global branding. He goes by the code name 'Deep Throat'.

Deep Throat read about The Woodman dilemma we have in The Shire. In the dead of night, he phoned me. I pick up the receiver and he says, "", then gently puts the phone down. From his SAS training, he knows to get straight to the point.

Maybe this is a way forward for the future of The Woodman?


Anonymous said...

I know it is not near the Common but the Derby pub just outside the station is also for sale with accommodation above it and planning permission has been granted for it.
What a shame that these shitholes (and lets be honest they are) are not being purchased and turned into something more upmarket.
I went to the Plumstead Live event yesterday and there were plenty of people there that looked like they like a good drink, were presentable and not the chavtastic representation of most of the pubs in the area. So where do these people go to eat and drink? Well probably Greenwich. Similarly whenever I have been to the comedy event the people in there have also looked thirsty and a little lost. All I want is a nice pint, steak sandwich and the papers....I'm not after a Michelin star...

Anonymous said...

Hello Plumsteadshireans! Ive pulled proverbial finger, viewed the woodman, thus have the inside story on the deal, and am putting in an offer shortly .Believe me I will turn it into the very thing all of plumstead longs for except those that frequent The ship who will be disappointed at the lack of sports and fluro lights.(among many other things)We are crazily going to invest our life savings in this project if our offer is successful and will need all the bloody help we can get.

If anyone is genuinely interested I am looking for anyone that might want to invest a thousand or so for a % of profits. I cant take too much debt on top of an already staggering rent so am hoping to find people willing to risk a grand or 2 on the pretense that it will be a booming success and you will probably earn more than a bank might pay right now. I personally have total faith in plumstead and its people to put what will hopefully soon be formerly the woodman on the map! I have to believe it because were gonna blow everything on it!

Please call me on 07801297171. I need to move quite fast as its attracting a lot of interest from people with different intentions believe me. I hope Dr Pangloss doesnt mind my brazen use of his blog for such things!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Rescuer of The Woodman, are you for real?