Friday, 24 July 2009

Greenwich Council is far too late

I'm extremely disappointed that most of the events that I was interested in this weekend have already been sold out. I keep my eye out all the time for interesting days out and all that, but only came across the Open Weekend events through the Greenwich Council email alert, which I received this afternoon.

I was interested in a piece of theatre at Charlton House on Sunday. It's free. Bonus. When I phoned up, I was told it was sold out. A fat load of good alerting me to events I can't attend.

Ditto for the free Blow Up event in Maryon Park. No mention of requiring a ticket so I never booked it. Sold Out.

I'd like decent publicity for all these great events. Given that I work for a living, I don't have much spare time to stroll into my library or council office and browse the local events boards.


Anonymous said...

Come to Plumstead Live! Sun 3-8pm Winn's Common, it's a free music festival and it's not sold out!

Anonymous said...

Try the Ian Visits website (, lots of free events there as well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know those events were on! Helpful! I have no idea why things aren't publicised or promoted to a wider audience, do Greenwich Council and local businesses not want things to succeed?

Anonymous said...

We had an enjoyable time at Plumstead Live but thought that there could have been a bigger turnout? Perhaps it was to do with the weather? A lovely way to while away the hours listening to music in the open air, all on our doorstep too!

Sarah said...

For once I think you are being a bit harsh!

I also get the e-alerts, but I'm minded that I'm one of 1000s and if I'm not quick enough someone may get there before me. The tickets are after all FREE!

And as for Blow Up - it was mentioned in GT that it was best to apply for tickets to be sure of a place.

Often the information is out there so long as people read it.

The Greenwich Phantom said...

Hey 853 - someone's just told me they heard that because of the huge interest in Blow Up, there is every intention to repeat the evening. I'll let you know...

Doctor Pangloss said...

Sarah, I don't think I'm being at all harsh. I received the e-alert and phoned up about the theatre event a couple of hours later only to be told that all the shows were sold out a week ago.

As for the Blow Up event, I had the leaflet which had no mention that it was a ticketed event. This leaflet stated that it was free, the time, date, location etc., so I had no reason to seek out more information The information was not out there. I put it down to a very minor mistake on the marketing department's side.

In spite of this, I absolutely applaud Greenwich Council for such a fruitful Summer of culture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Pangloss
I've notice that the Old Mill has had it's ground floor windows tidied up, making a big difference to its appearance by something so simple.
Could this be the start of the T.L.C. that lovely little pub is in desparate need of? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

do you think they have tidied up inside as well? got a wine list and started serving sunday lunch?

Anonymous said...

one could only hope. otherwise, perhaps the Woodman can be turned in to our long-desired gastro pub!!

Sarah said...

Ok - fair enough Dr.

Maybe they had to change the arrangements for the film when it became clear there was a huge amount fo interest as Greenwich Time ran a story saying tickets were available to guarantee attendance.

The council have also now set up a twitter account - Greenwichcouncl - and have pushed out the first of their offers on the site already. 10% off comedy festival tickets.

Might be a better bet to sign up to as it is obviously an immediate way of finding out about things rather than waiting for 1000s of emails to work their way thru their system.

I agree the various events have been great though - and far better than the solitary GDiF festival as was.