Monday, 10 August 2009


I've been a paid-up member of the Apple Mac fan club for over a decade. Oh, how OS 8 looked so quaint. Halcyon days.

This year, I thought I'd try mobileme. My foray into cloud computing.

[21:54hrs. Ooh. What sounded like a low flying Chinook passed over Plumsteadshire. This is with reference to one of Plummy Mummy's recent posts - ed.]

Back to the story.

Cloud computing.

I'm not convinced with mobileme. I find it painfully slow and that's not my idea of productivity. On the plus side, I really like syncing all my stuff so I can see my email, contacts and diary at work, but this is pretty fundamental. I also find it intuitive to use, as I would expect from an Apple product.

Well, unless the speed picks up, I'm definitely veering towards ditching it at the end of my year.


Plummy Mummy said...

Out of curiosity, is it still slow? I would expect at least the first synch to be slow but all subsequent ones to be quicker as they are basically just updating changes. Are you mega active with your organiser stuff so that you have lots of changes? I used to lament the fact that my organiser stuff wasn't synched at work/home so that I often ended up with conflicting address books/old emails etc.
Having spent tortuous amounts of time with PC/mobile synch manufacturers I know that synching is not as simple as it should be. There are standards (vcard, vcal) but not everyone supports the same features. I also used to get annoyed that you were basically stuck with the phone manufacturers synch programme even though there were initial attempts by the likes of Cognima to create suitable software. I used to also like the idea of Orb which lets you remotely access your pc media via a web browser but it was tortuous to set up the sharing and in the end I just abandoned the idea (also cost was an issue as I needed to have a special add on my mobile that I didn't want to pay for). The only thing I really want to access remotely are my pictures and at the moment havent found anything that lets me do that adequately. I used to use flickr but my pro account has run out.
In terms of my contacts, well I still use my phone book primarily at my main address book (and shake my fists at the manufacturer that doesn't have the right fields for me!) and remotely access my other contacts via msn/facebook.

One day all this stuff will be seamless.

Anonymous said...

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